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Super Stock GMC Denali

Check out Randy Overton’s new ride. Built by Proformance Pros, the one-of-a-kind project features an all-steel’18 GMC Denali body and makes use of the most battle-ready independent front suspension system we’ve ever seen. It features Proformance Pros’ 11.5-inch differential that accepts the company’s massive1-3/4-inch inch diameter axle shafts. Out back, a Rockwell 20-145 (equipped with the factory aluminum third member) benefits from a Proformance Pros billet-aluminum pinion support. A full Wagler Competition Products engine will power it, and in the photos we’ve seen at least one sizeable turbo from Hart’s Diesel will feed it air. We can’t wait to see this thing in person!





Super Stock Dodge

Calvin Miller’s “Runnin’ in the Red”

To say we’re at the height of pulling season in America would be an understatement. Over the past several days, some of the most powerful machines on earth were stirring up dirt out on the east coast and in the Midwest. Luckily, we had our eyes on half a dozen events across the country. Even Calvin Miller’s Super Stock Dodge was out and about, mixing things up with the nastiest running trucks in the nation. Last week, his second-gen, Scheid-powered, billet-block Cummins thrust its way to a fifth place finish in Washington Court House, Ohio—a Region II points hook within the National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA).



OEM News

Final VW Modifications Approved for 3.0L TDI’s

An agreement has been reached for the remaining Volkswagen TDI models included in the diesel gate scandal that broke back in September of 2015. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) have approved modifications that would bring roughly 6,000 California-based affected 3.0L TDI engines used in VW, Audi, and Porsche vehicles into compliance with emissions regulations. This includes approximately 7,000 ’13-’16 model year VW Touaregs, ’13-’15 Audi Q7’s, and ’13-’16 Porsche Cayenne’s. Earlier models include roughly 3,000 ’09-’12 Touaregs and Q7’s, along with an estimated 5,600 passenger cars (the Audi A6, A7, A8, A8L, and Q5).



JW 2

Shark Bait

The Cummins-Killing 6.0L

Leave it to the maniacal mind of Jesse Warren (i.e. Warren Diesel Injection) to campaign a 6.0L Power Stroke against a sea of Cummins and Duramax-powered fire-breathers. Conveniently named “Shark Bait,” Warren’s 6.0L-powered canary yellow Super Duty has definitely roared to life recently, running at the top of Full Pull Productions’ Open 3.6 Diesel class on several occasions. Still sporting HEUI injection, along with a 3.6-inch smooth bore turbo, a ProFab reverser and dropbox combination, and Warren’s own competition-ready engine, the 6.0L spins as high as 5,500 rpm while digging through the dirt.





Out the Back Door

Land of Lincoln Pulling

Deep in the corn belt, the Heart of Illinois Fair welcomed pickups, tractors, and semi’s during its 4-night sled pull schedule. At the finale event sponsored by River City Diesel, Scott Garlisch took home the win in the Stock Turbo Diesel class. After building up a considerable head of steam, the sled couldn’t grind his heavily-fueled, Chevy Silverado to a halt until the truck had traveled 348 feet. Other classes would include Work Stock, Hot Street Diesel (in which compounds, water-injection, and nitrous were allowed), and an Open Diesel & Gas category.




“It Is What It Is”

In Memory of Morgan Primm

After the tragic loss of Midwest Diesel & Auto’s Morgan Primm last November, Primm’s friends and colleagues have continued campaigning both sled-pulling Super Duty’s he put together for the Illinois Tractor Pulling Association’s Pro Street Diesel Truck class. When longtime friend Patrick Marler got the keys to Primm’s ’11 F-350—an 800hp 6.7L Power Stroke equipped with a 2.6-inch smooth bore turbo—he decided to name the truck something Primm was known to say at least a dozen times a day: It is what it is. Marler would pilot the truck to two strong finishes over the weekend despite suffering major breakage between hooks.



DW-DIESELNEWS-06Upcoming Event

ODSS – Rocky Top Diesel Shootout

The Outlaw Diesel Super Series rolls into Crossville, Tennessee this weekend (July 27-28) for round three of the 2018 racing season. For its fifth annual event, the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout will once again be held at Crossville Dragway and will feature eighth-mile drag racing, a show ‘n shine, and a large manufacturer’s midway. Diesel’s heaviest hitters will be on hand, including the 4-second, Cummins-powered ‘66 Nova owned by Ryan Milliken of Hardway Performance. Milliken plans to mix it up in the gas vs. diesel Quick 8 race on Friday night and then run the Pro Mod category the next day.


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