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7.70 & ET Bracket Wins

At the inaugural Firepunk Diesel-hosted Outlaw Diesel Revenge race, talented drag racer and former ODSS 7.70 Index champion, Ryan Riddle, would pull off an impressive, dual-win weekend. It’s not entirely uncommon to see one competitor take top honors in both the 7.70 and ET Bracket classes, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. And for Ryan, things sure didn’t look very bright at the start of the weekend, when clutch fan issues were causing him some worrisome coolant temps. Nevertheless, he got into a winning rhythm once eliminations began and never looked back. Look for him to continue to be the man to beat as the ODSS series rolls into the Hollyrock Summer Showdown next.




Outlaw Diesel Revenge Winners

Just as you’d expect at Firepunk Diesel’s first national drag race, a lot of the industry’s heaviest hitters showed up to do battle at Kil-Kare Raceway. In Pro Dragster, Jared Jones and the Scheid Diesel crew took home the trophy. In Pro Mod, Rawlings Barnes would pilot the Rudy’s Performance Parts Super Duty into the winner’s circle. In Pro Street, Johnny Gilbert of Stainless Diesel nabbed a well-deserved win. As for 5.90 Index, UCC competitor Brett Marcum would show up, run a 5.96 right off the trailer, and proceed to beat the likes of Rick Fox, Paul Cato, and Mindy Jackson for the top spot. In the 6.70 Index field, Kyle Hutchinson ended up with the big W thanks to a 6.703 pass in the final, and the aforementioned Ryan Riddle cleaned house in both 7.70 and ET Bracket.




Reason #436 Why it’s not safe to stand near the dyno…

As if you needed another reason to maintain a safe distance from a truck on the rollers… At a recent tuning session at Hardway Performance, customer Cody McAnally’s third-gen Ram suffered all kinds of carnage shortly after clearing 1,000hp and 1,800 lb-ft on fuel. At 150-mph, the driveshaft decided it’d had enough and proceeded to take out the transfer-case, fuel tank, and transmission lines. Along with other repairs, McAnally plans to go with a carbon fiber driveshaft next time, along with different fuel cell.




First Compound Turbo Titan XD Cummins

Continuing in his quest to push the 5.0L Cummins, Nissan Titan XD platform to new heights, Joshua Chapman of CFT Performance has built the first aftermarket prototype compound turbo system. It pits a 5-blade compressor S363 from Stainless Diesel in the valley as the low-pressure unit, and a 5-blade Stainless Diesel S472 out front as the atmosphere charger. We’re told that fabbing everything up wasn’t very easy, but the payoff should be worth it—especially with a set of 100-percent over injectors from S&S Diesel Motorsport in the mix.




8.50-Second OBS Flareside

If you remember this truck from years past, it still belongs to the guys at Unlimited Diesel Performance. However, it’s no longer powered by a 7.3L Power Stroke or set up to run 11’s. After ditching the 7.3L in favor of a 6.7L Power Stroke and dropping the truck off at Firepunk Diesel, it’s currently under the knife and being transformed into an 8.50-legal rig. While at Firepunk, it’s also being converted to four-wheel drive, fitted with a solid front axle, four-link suspension front and rear, and getting back-halved. We look forward to seeing what the lightweight OBS Ford can do once it’s finished!


OEM News

Ford/GM Merger: Fake News or Totally Plausible?

In an article published on, the case is made that a Ford/GM merger might just make sense. After FCA’s proposed merger with Renault, it’s apparent that, at least from a cost-savings standpoint, automaker giants may be the way of the future. With the Renault/FCA deal likely to save $5.5 billion if it goes through, a Ford and GM combo would likely yield similar results (a few billion anyway). With Ford supposedly lagging behind the rest of the auto industry in electric car technology and GM being near the forefront of it, the article goes on to explain why such a merger may be inevitable for Ford.


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