Caterpillar C13D Off Road Diesel Engine

Caterpillar Unveils All-New Off-Highway Engine

Caterpillar Unveils All-New Off-Highway Engine

Caterpillar has announced it will begin the development of an all-new diesel engine platform for heavy-duty, off-highway applications. The inline-six C13D displaces 13 liters and will be available in eight different power ratings ranging from 456 hp to 690 hp, and up to 2,360 lb-ft of torque. By supplying horsepower and torque ratings that are comparable to the company’s current 13, 15, and single turbo 18-liter engines, Caterpillar believes that the C13D provides an opportunity for OEM’s to downsize their engine and simplify design, assembly, and supply chain requirements. Said to be available for early OEM pilots in 2025 and scheduled for production in 2026, the C13D is intended for use in rock crushers, trenchers, agricultural tractors, harvesters, grinders, screeners, sprayers, wood-chippers, material-handling equipment, and large industrial pumps.


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