Diesel News 11-11-19

Ride of the Week


Twin-Turbo ’55 Chevy

Not only is Pure Metal Works’ ’55 Chevrolet crew cab a sight to behold from the outside, but under the hood you’ll find an absolute work of art. An LBZ Duramax—complete with a Callies crankshaft, Carrillo hybrid piston and rod setup, Manton pushrods, and ARP fasteners throughout—powers the ’55 Crew (as it’s referred), while a pair of Garrett GTX3076R Mirror Image turbos force boost through a billet HSP Diesel intake. S&S Diesel Motorsport provides the fueling thanks to a set of 200-percent over injectors and a reverse rotation 14mm CP3.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/puremetalworks/




SEMA Highlights

Couldn’t make it to SEMA 2019? Fear not, we were on the ground all week in Vegas, capturing the coolest builds and catching up on the latest and greatest products in the industry. From overland vehicles to problem-solving components to stolen parts (yes, even thieves were preset at the show), we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss our full event coverage in the magazine next month, check out our social media pages and soon to come on dieselworldmag.com

Source: https://www.semashow.com/




Daniel Pierce Parts with the Cummins Mustang

With his hands no doubt busy in the 275X ’66 Chevy II he recently acquired from Ryan Milliken, Power Source Diesel’s Daniel Pierce listed the common-rail Cummins-powered Mustang for sale for $15,000, less the engine and transmission. The steel roof and quarter ’95 pony car features a square tube chassis with a 25.4 certification, is four-linked with a 9-inch rear end, sports Menscer Motorsports DA shocks and struts, four nitrous kits and tipped the scales at just 3,300 pounds with Pierce in the driver seat and the Cummins still parked up front. Within a week, the car’s sale was already pending.

Source: http://www.powersourcediesel.com/




Cheap Head and Cam Combo

It’s amazing what turns up on Facebook Marketplace. Pulled from a Limited Pro Stock (3.0 smooth bore) sled puller, Clint Mills’ competition-prepped 12-valve head and camshaft are up for grabs. The head was worked over by East Coast Diesel and has been filled, ported and polished, and drilled and tapped to accept a Keating Machine intake manifold. After making 15 passes on the head it was pulled and sent to the machine shop for inspection, where it passed with flying colors. The 241/253 cam is a billet unit from ECD. The head is priced at $2,500 OBO and the cam for $800 OBO.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/




It’s Alive

Two years in the making, the billet-aluminum block and head 6.7L Cummins manufactured by D&J Precision Machine is up and running. Coined the Executioner, it comes with a bed plate and 6-bolt mains, D&J’s own rods and pistons, and a groundbreaking aluminum 24-valve cylinder head with 12 exhaust ports. That’s right, there is an individual port per exhaust valve, which we’re told yields gains of more than 100 cfm. Built for the guys at Firepunk Diesel, this version has been treated to 500-percent over Exergy injectors, Exergy tuning via a Bosch stand-alone ECM, and will eventually be fed air by way of a GT55 turbo and nitrous.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNOt5UWTuI8&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR11jAbGoFMo91WKnrxxewSCPpPV9DxDcwWGIuEfKs4MaJg3xMrop6NySSQ




Heading for History

At the World Street Nationals in Orlando, Jonathan Montesino sent his ’04 Ford Ranger through the eighth-mile in 4.99 seconds and in doing so became just the second ever drag radial-equipped diesel in the 4’s. Following the truck’s 1.19-second 60-foot, Montesino grabbed a 3.26-second ‘330, and the eventual 4.997 at 140.47 mph. Perhaps even more impressive is that, while the 6.7L common-rail Cummins under the hood has been graced with billet rods, a drop-in cam and ARP2000 head studs, it’s still sporting a factory block and non-fire-ringed head—both of which have 198,000 miles on them. A big turbo, a healthy dose of nitrous and Hardway tuning were key in helping make Montesino’s Ranger a part of diesel drag racing history.

Source: https://hardwayperformance.com/



Parts Rack


Duramax In-tank Lift Pump

Adding to its growing line of in-tank lift pumps, Fleece Performance Engineering has released the PowerFlo lift pump for ’04.5-’10 Duramax owners. The in-tank design lends itself to quiet operation and reduced instances of gel-ups, while ruling out the need for a sump, draw straw, or additional air filtration. Two OEM quality gerotor pumps increase both capacity and reliability, while the PowerFlo’s active fill bucket eliminates the quarter-tank issues typically found with other aftermarket fuel systems. Added benefits include the capability to support up to 800 hp and provisions to run your own fuel lines or aftermarket filters.

Source: https://fleeceperformance.com/


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