DieselSite: Home of the Wicked Wheel

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If you’ve been in the diesel modification scene for some time, then you’ve likely heard of DieselSite. Owner Bob Riley started the company out of his garage, and the success of his parts (and buckets full of wisdom) has taken the company to where it is today: an 18,000 square foot facility in Homosassa, Florida.


1 The High Pressure Oil Delivery System for 6.0L diesels provides more power, quicker starts, and a quieter engine. The distribution block is machined out of billet aluminum–so were the flow control valves. DieselSite makes an extension harness for the kit and braided high pressure hoses.


As more and more parts were added to the list, the need for more employees grew as well. DieselSite now employs 13 people, mostly relatives. In the beginning, DieselSite was all about filtration, (particularly coolant) but the part most people now associate with DieselSite is the performance line of turbo wheels called the Wicked Wheel 2. The Wicked Wheel has become a real calling card for the company. Available for Chevy, Ford and Ram diesel pickups, the Wicked Wheel spools up quicker than the factory piece, increasing power without decreasing reliability. Newer versions have come out over the years, progressively ramping up the performance levels and keeping DieselSite on customers’ minds. But Bob never lets up, and the speed of new designs hitting the market has ramped up dramatically.

After filling out the filtration products with things like remote oil filters, then covering all three diesel brands with Wicked Wheels, and lots more, DieselSite has expanded to include high-pressure oil pumps, and even transmissions recently.

2 Bob Riley is a legend in the diesel world. When he decided he wanted to provide quality transmissions for the public, he bought a transmission company and didn’t sell a transmission for two years until he perfected the process.

3 To start with, a transmission dyno is expensive to purchase, but Bob wasn’t satisfied with the results it offered, so he upgraded all the software controls to simulate a transmission inside a truck. Now the dyno automatically shifts and changes rpm and loads based on a programmed test. Every transmission is run through the paces before it is shipped.

4 The E4OD and 4R100 transmissions are both beefed up at DieselSite with improved parts. Bob has managed to get modern clutch materials applied to the older style clutch plates. So what you get is a high-energy friction material that can hold 30 percent more and produce 20 percent less heat.


Transmissions were a huge addition to the company and took about two years to get completely dialed in. Bob bought an existing aftermarket transmission company and paid the former owner to train him, learning month after month, building and tearing apart transmissions until he was ready to announce that DieselSite was in the transmission business. He spent a small fortune buying, then upgrading a dyno to test the transmissions: Every single one that leaves the shop has been put through its paces before being put into a shipping crate. He also procured factory-shipping crates, so the trannies would be protected no matter where they were headed. Recently, we spent some time at DieselSite to learn about the latest products offered, and it was eye opening. Check out the photos! DW

5 Recently, DieselSite added a rear wheel dyno to its arsenal of tools. This helps verify performance gains.

6 The OBS CPR Fuel System from DieselSite for the ’94-’97 Ford Power Stroke Diesel (old body style) boosts power by as much as 40 horsepower (depends on other mods) through increased atomization and other efficiencies. But, really, the primary function of the system is to keep the fuel clean and free of air and water.

7 DieselSite fabricates custom brackets for use on popular diesel pickups. This fuel filtration system is designed to be a bolt-on for the 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L.

8 This quick connect hose end for the fuel filter kit is a perfect example of Bob’s attention to detail. He designed these and has them CNC milled to exact tolerances: This is no off-the-shelf part.

9 Talk about ingenious! You know those “Service Soon” things you’re used to seeing on air filters? Bob has come up with his own version for fuel systems. Now you don’t have to guess when to clean it out.

10 Wastegate controllers are another product that DieselSite came up with to fix a glitch in the factory system. The Turbo-Master waste gate controller is a direct bolt-on, and it provides a much steadier boost.

11 Some aftermarket kits just supply higher tension springs, while the Turbo-Master kit is fully adjustable and retains inlet pressure up to the preset point of bypass.

12 The waste gate lever is longer compared to the factory waste gate lever to help overcome the friction inherent to the waste gate shaft/bushing, allowing for smooth, predictable waste gate function.

13 Completely automatic, this stainless steel fuel heater from DieselSite turns itself on and off with a built in thermostat. Now you won’t find gel in your fuel lines on a cold winter day.

14 Even the pulleys that DieselSite makes are beautiful and extremely precise in its design and manufacturing.

15 This 7.3 Ford Powerstroke water pump from DieselSite has an integrated coolant filter. Now you can just bolt it all on together at once.

16 The HPOP (High Pressure Oil Pump) on ’94-’03 7.3L diesels has a high incidence of failure. The Adrenaline pump from DieselSite is rock solid and will actually boost power and fuel mileage.

17 This DieselSite 7.3L high pressure oil pump access cover uses an O-ring to seal instead of silicon.

18 This display in the showroom shows the inside of DieselSite’s 7.3L high pressure oil reservoir filter adapter. Visible is the HPOP filter screen. This one is stainless steel and stops harmful contaminants from entering the HPOP or injectors on 7.3L Power Strokes.

19 The Wicked Wheel 2 is the latest incarnation to come out of the DieselSite shop. This turbo wheel is more efficient and improves throttle response and total horsepower. The surge protection alone is worth the investment.