2016 TS Performance Outlaw Drag Race & Sled Pull

The 2016 edition of the TS Performance Outlaw Drag Race & Sled Pull started with much promise and high hopes for a great event with powerful trucks and high expectations on the drag strip and the pull track. Unfortunately weather—in the form of torrential downpours that dropped inches of rain on the southern Kentucky region—got in the way of the intricate planning and detail that went into the event causing the “less-prep” racing to be cancelled as well as the Friday nights pull and all of Saturday’s pulling action. But, as they say the show must go on, and despite the threatening weather we were able to enjoy the full complement of the ODSS drag racing, dyno runs, Limited Pro Stock pulling, huge exhibitor areas and even the Show-N-Shine to wrap up the event. Even if we didn’t get in the “less-prep” racing and night time sled pulling we still had a good time taking in all the diesel performance and enthusiasm that was on hand.

Schedule Of Events

Friday Morning, June 3rd – Drag Racing – Beech Bend Raceway
Friday Afternoon/Evening, June 3rd – Sled Pulls – Jim Roberts Park
*Saturday June 4th – Sled Pulls – Jim Roberts Park
(*Rained Out)

Dan Snyder brought his 6.7L Power Stroke powered dragster down from Pennsylvania to compete but was still working out some issues with the new setup. We look forward to seeing this rail fly once he gets the bugs worked out.
In this 10.5 Index quarter-final round battle between friends Rick Fox and Larson Miller, Miller was first to the stripe with a holeshot win despite Fox running the fastest ET in the class with a 10.558 in his black Dodge.
Anthony Holland (near lane) edged out Timothy Cutshall to take the win in the ET Bracket class.
While the drag racers were running under cloudy skies in Bowling Green, KY the Limited Pro Stock diesel trucks were pulling down in Franklin, KY with a lot more sun. Adam White took the win by more than 5-feet with his clean 1st Gen Dodge.
Adam Hallien took second with the bright blue Dodge he calls Wrecker.
John Humpe’s unique center drive Chevy puller lived up to its Trouble Maker name falling short of 200-foot on the track.

Five classes of diesel drag racers were present for the second ODSS event of the 2016 season headlined by the Pro Dragster class that had five competitors this year including Jared Jones in the new Scheid Diesel dragster and Wade Moody in his Duramax dragster thrilling the crowd with low seven-second quarter-mile passes. The Pro Street class was well represented as well with 1/8-mile passes in the mid 5-second range at over 130 MPH thanks to the newly crowned Ultimate Callout Challenge overall winner Lavon Miller with his hot rod Dodge. Thrilling battles took place on the track throughout the rounds in both the 12.0-second and 10.5-second Index classes and we love to see the variety of diesels competing in the ET Bracket class.

If the racing action wasn’t enough there was also action on the DP-Tuner mobile chassis dyno which saw 28 trucks take turns spinning the rollers. Six of the trucks made more than 500-horsepower while two of them broke the 1,000-horsepower threshold with nitrous oxide assisted dyno runs.

Due to the aforementioned rain Friday night into Saturday the pulling activities were cancelled in Franklin but the exhibitor area was still active especially since the TS Performance crew let spectators in for free since the sled pull was cancelled. Additionally die-hard Show-N-Shine competitors braved the weather to show off their trucks for the judges as well as the crowds of onlookers.

While the 2016 edition of the TS Performance Outlaw Diesel event may have taken a beating from the weather it was still a fun event for those of us that were there. If you didn’t make it to Kentucky for the event follow along over the next few pages to get an idea of what you missed. Be sure to plan to attend the 2017 event as we’re sure it will be bigger and better than ever and we hope to see you there.

Jonathan Brooklyn brought out his new 2016 F-250 to play on the DP-Tuner chassis dyno making several pulls in the 900-horsepower range along with a nitrous oxide assisted blast of 1,100 HP to top the dyno chart.
The crew from RLC Motorsports didn’t have their new drag truck ready to race yet but did have it on display. We can’t wait to see this bright orange Dodge rocket down the dragstrip.
The 12.0 Index class final round came down to a Ford on Ford battle with Steven Davis’ 1995 F-350 crossing the stripe first but breaking out by a mere 22-thousandths of a second handing the win to Canadian competitor Devon Williams and his 2008 F-250 that made a 12.044 second pass making this one of the closest races of the event.
It must be excruciating watching your competition drive half way down the track before you can leave the line to give chase to the yellow school bus, but that’s bracket racing where anyone with a diesel can come and give it a go.
Larson Miller and his Firepunk Dodge got the holeshot and never looked back, taking the final round win in the competitive 10.5 Index class over Steve King’s GMC 3500 dually.
Both trucks got off the line almost evenly but Bruce Block’s red Dodge did not have enough to get the best of Lavon Miller’s UCC winning Dodge as he notched another win in the Pro Street final round.
Dueling Duramax Dragsters went head to head in the Pro Dragster final round with Wade Moody (near lane) making a low seven second pass at over 190 MPH to take the win over Michael Cordova.
After the ODSS races were completed others were able to make a few test and tune passes including Jackie Knox and “The Sonoma” from Street Outlaws. Unfortunately rain came before we were able to see Knox and other street racers battle it out in the big cash “less-prep” race scheduled to run Friday evening.
After several inches of rain fell the track and grounds in Franklin were in no shape for sled pulling so Saturday’s only sled pulling action was the scale variety with the National Micro-Mini Tractor Pullers Association and took place on a table, but was still fun to watch.
Not everyone was bothered by the damp conditions. Young Mirissa Riley seemed to have a blast on the Slip-N-Slide under the supervision of her mom Miranda Kinney.
The Show-N-Shine must go on. There was still a large turnout for the TS Show-N-Shine competition despite the dreary weather and muddy fairground.


Pro Dragster
Place Driver City, ST Vehicle ET MPH
Champion Wade Moody Mechanicsville, MD Duramax Dragster 7.112 190.92
Runner Up Michael Cordova Bowling Green, KY Duramax Dragster 9.649 105.27
Pro Street (1/8-mile)
Place Driver City, ST Vehicle ET MPH
Champion Lavon Miller Plain City, OH 2006 Dodge 5.859 130.73
Runner Up Bruce Block White Pigeon, MI 2004 Dodge 6.357 112.78
10.5 Index
Place Driver City, ST Vehicle ET MPH
Champion Larson Miller Plain City, OH 2007 Dodge 10.724 112.40
Runner Up Steve King Sidney, OH 2002 GMC 3500 10.863 122.57
12.0 Index
Place Driver City, ST Vehicle ET MPH
Champion Devon Williams Ontario, Canada 2008 Ford F-250 12.044 117.35
Runner Up Steven Davis Woodbury, TN 1995 Ford F-350 11.978 107.14
ET Bracket
Place Driver City, ST Vehicle ET MPH
Champion Anthony Holland Ladoga, IN 2007 Dodge 2500 15.275 89.40
Runner Up Timothy Cutshall Afton, TN 1996 Dodge 2500 12.105 104.84


Best of Show: Jacob Neuenschwander
Best Dodge: Jess McDaniel
Best Ford: Nathan Holman
Best GM: Jason Hunter
Best Suspension: Rickie Locke
Best Paint: Brent Gass
Best Engine: Tim Luby
Best Engineered: Jay Tindal
Cleanest Conversion: Ben Gross
Best Interior: Trever McFeaters
Longest Distance: Levi Krech


Limited Pro Stock Diesel Trucks
Place Vehicle Driver Name Distance
1 O’Bryant Diesel Adam White 314.69
2 Wrecker Adam Hallien 309.14
3 Ice Farms Nathan Byrd 307.69
4 Most Hated CW Cartmel 307.48
5 Cummin Get It Jordan Kinderman 303.17
6 MBRP Baillie Diesel Jim Greenway 302.27
7 All Attitude Rob Wright 298.35
8 The Crippler Josh Land 297.26
9 Cummin Attcha Ben Braunecker 292.45
10 Billet Steel & Sex Appeal Jordan Jackson 291.97
11 Dirty Secret Trevor Lortie 277.50
12 Trouble Maker John Humpe 196.20
13 No Name Adam Kron 9.15


Name Year Make HP TQ
Jonathan Brooklyn 2016 F-250 974.1/1,131.6 1,331.5/1,864.2
John Roberson 2004 F-350 869.3/1,055.8 1,159.1/1,491.9
Jonathan Brooklyn 2016 F-250 907.8 1,369.4
Frank Kuperman 2008 Dodge 856.7 1,416.6
Jason Miller 2004 Duramax 627.0 1,049.9
Quintin Hale 2007 Dodge 552.6 1,073.4
Matthew Martin 2007 Duramax 546.1 1,274.8
Luke Dixon 2007 Duramax 495.1 1,020.4
Matt Enoch 1996 Dodge 488.6 885.1
Austin Brawner 2006 Dodge 486.9 876.4
Harry Taggart 2006 Dodge 479.4 980.1
Justin Ethridge 2001 Dodge 478.5 1,021.7
Lance Momberger 2007 Dodge 468.4 787.2
Eli Probst 2013 Dodge 466.7 925.8
Ed Srinner 2004 F-250 456.3 818.7
Todd Creasy 2002 Dodge 433.2 820.3
Cody McNally 2000 Dodge 398.3/423.3 652.8/723.3
Brent Waldridge 2002 Dodge 421.8 920.6
Tim Coley 2008 Duramax 421.8 820.6
Kiersley McNally 2001 Dodge 414.5 1,075.4
Jason Groves 2002 Duramax 409.6 752.1
Nathan Boggess 2002 F-250 405.9 750.4
Paul King 2006 Dodge 402.4 291.9
Austin Underhill 2002 Dodge 387.9 677.6
Brandon Henning 2005 Duramax 377.5 849.8
Jeremy K 2008 Duramax 376.5 859.6
Kevin Ream 2002 Dodge 325.1 608.5
Blakely Kennedy 2002 F-350 273.9 510.8
Mitchell Russell 1987 Chevy C10 196.6 429.8

Beech Bend Raceway Park


DP-Tuner Mobile Dyno

Franklin-Simpson Parks & Recreation

Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League

Scheid Diesel

TS Performance

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