When I started at Diesel World a little over five years ago, I made clear during my interviews that we needed to grow the brand beyond the magazine. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve created events, a large digital presence, the website, newsletters, and more. Thanks to the internet, we aren’t constricted by how much we can fit in the magazine. We can do just about whatever we want. It’s been a fun several years.

Over these years, we’ve built and rebuilt DieselWorldMag.com, and we continue to make changes. Each day we post new articles that help solve problems you might have with your diesel, articles that provide ideas for your build, articles that discuss pressing issues that affect the diesel world and everyone in it. There are vehicle reviews for the newest diesel-powered rides, news about events, OEM news, new engine debuts—you name it. There are currently over 1,200 separate articles on the site and that total is growing every day.


If you’re not already following our social media outlets (@DieselWorldMag for Facebook and Instagram), you’re missing out. The magazine is where you’ll find timeless information. How to fix your Cummins overheating issues, how to make power with your rig, vintage engine discussions, and more. It’s all on the website, too, but on social media you’ll see all the stuff happening right now. Want to see what’s going on at the races? You’ll find it there. Interested in the latest from the SEMA show? You’ll find it there.

But back to the website, where discussions on marketing, hiring tips and resources, sales advice, WD info, market health studies, what parts are hot sellers now, and so much more. I’m particularly excited about our new surveys and the “Question of the Day.” We want to know what you think of the hot topics impacting the industry. And here’s the fun part: we’ll be sharing your thoughts! Wanna know what the country’s favorite truck is? Head to DieselWorldMag.com. Want to know what most people are looking to do to their trucks next? It’s on DieselWorldMag.com. We’re only a few months into the process, so check back often. The content is growing every day, and you’ll never know what you’ll find. Oh, and most of these surveys come with a chance to win some cool stuff. Diesel World shirts, sweatshirts, cozies, flasks, wallets, sunglasses, or even free parts for your truck—and so much more. It’s free to participate, so check it out. Want to ask your own questions? Send me an email at DW-Editor@EngagedMediaInc.com, and I’ll get your questions up on the website for everyone to chime in on.

Finally, if you’re a Diesel World fan, you’ve probably seen our email newsletter. In you inbox every week, it provides a vital roundup of the hottest diesel happenings. And now, we’re adding a new Diesel World Insider newsletter. We spend our time living deep within the diesel industry. What we learn every day can be helpful to those of you looking to start a new shop, open up an online retail business, manufacture parts, or just grow your existing business. Diesel World Insider is geared to the industry professional. We’ve got interviews with industry leaders, discussions on marketing, hiring tips and resources, sales advice, WD info, market health studies, what parts are hot sellers now, and so much more.

When I got my first job turning wrenches as a kid, I promised myself one thing: I’d never leave this industry. I vowed I’d always do whatever I could to help it grow because, ultimately, it means we get to see and play with more cool stuff! As I look ahead, I’m not—and WE’RE not— wavering from that promise. So, take a second to check out everything we do at Diesel World. There’s just so much to see!

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