S&S Diesel Motorsport CP4 To DCR Pump Conversion

The Ultimate 6.7L Power Stroke CP4.2 Pump Fix

The Ultimate 6.7L Power Stroke CP4.2 Pump Fix

While the S&S Diesel Motorsport team was in Louisville for the National Farm Machinery Show, the company revealed something it’s had in the works for quite some time. Called its CP4 to DCR Pump Conversion, it promises to solve the CP4.2 failure problem on 6.7L Power Strokes once and for all. Teaming up with PurePower Technologies, its pump conversion revolves around the use of a Stanadyne DCR high-pressure fuel pump, a twin piston pump without the design flaws that cause the Bosch CP4.2 to fail and send metal throughout the fuel system. Additionally, the DCR pump is said to outflow a CP4.2 by 25-percent, which will make it a great candidate for supporting higher horsepower.

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