Lifting A 2015 GMC With A CST Kit

Lifting A 2015 GMC With A CST Kit

When Javier Gomez bought a loaded 2015 GMC Sierra Denali to use as a shop truck for his business—Gomez Custom Wheels & Tires in Fontana, California—he named it “La Paloma Blanca” (“The White Dove”). Naturally, he wasn’t going to leave his brand-new truck stock, and the first step was to lift the suspension in order to show off the 22-inch wheels and 37-inch tires he planned to install. Gomez is familiar with CST Performance Suspension’s products, and he chose the CST 8-10-inch lift kit to give the truck the altitude he wanted.

The CST kit comes with hand-fabricated knuckles and a gusseted drop center link with Heim supports (to reduce lateral wear on the idler and pitman arm). A new, longer CV driveshaft is included as well as a shift linkage bracket to reposition the cable. The upper control arm kit has 1-inch Uniballs and closed cups to reduce exposure to the elements. Dual shock brackets with black billet reservoir clamps are included, along with six CST Dirt Series 2.0 remote-reservoir shocks, CST’s massive Extreme-Duty tie rods, and a steering stabilizer. For the rear, the CST kit includes Atlas leaf springs, zinc-plated U-bolts and leaf spring plates, which eliminate the chore of pulling apart the OE springs. We were impressed with the CST kit’s instructions, which are very thorough and easy to understand.

Follow along as Renee Contreras and Hiram Ramirez from Gomez Custom Wheels & Tires install the kit. Going up! DW

1 The 8-10-inch lift kit from CST Performance Suspension comes complete with everything you will need, including leaf springs, remote-reservoir shocks, a transmission shift cable extension, brake line extension brackets, and much, much more. The instructions that come with the kit are very complete and easily understood.
2 After removing the front suspension, the new steering center link is installed.
3 The driver’s side rear lower arm mount has to be trimmed. CST provides a paper template so it can be cut perfectly.
4 The sub frame is beefy, so it’s best to have two people lift it into place.
5 A new, longer CV driveshaft is included in the kit. No detail is left for the consumer to
figure out.
6 The tubular CST upper A-arm can now be installed.
7 The next step is to install the CST spindle, with the antilock wire re-routed using the supplied zip-ties.
8 The new tie rod from CST is massive and built to last, even with monster-size wheels and tires.
9 The forward bump stop is cut off with a Sawzall. The instructions make it clear exactly where to cut.
10 After removing the rubber bumper, the new extended bump stop is placed into position over the old rear bump stop.
11 Since this kit includes dual front shocks, the shock mount must be installed above the upper A-arm.
12 New remote-reservoir shocks from CST are now put into position.
13 Handsome black anodized mounts hold the remote reservoirs in place.
14 Here’s a look at one corner of the front suspension with all of the new components
15 After reinstalling the torsion bars and torsion keys, the rear crossmember, with extensions installed, can be replaced.
16 The Atlas rear leaf springs are next on the to-do list. They lift the truck without the need for blocks.
17 The rear shocks also have remote reservoirs; they attach with anodized billet clamps.
18 This bracket allows the rear brake lines to be rerouted, allowing for the extra height added to the suspension.
19 Here’s a look at the complete rear suspension. New U-bolts and plates are included in the kit.
20 The 22-inch KMC XD-Series wheels and 37-inch Nitto Terra Grappler tires are mounted, balanced and installed on the truck.
21 A little trimming of the plastic air dam was expected and necessary. Gomez’s La Paloma Blanca is now ready to hit the street!

CST Performance Suspension

Gomez Custom Wheels & Tires

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