blue cummins common rail ram dodge

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Baby Blue Never Looked So Bad Ass!

Pittsboro, Indiana, just west of Indy, should be a lively place this week, as this beautiful Cummins gets tested on Freedom Racing Engine’s state-of-the-art engine dyno. As you can see here, Wagler’s billet dual CP3 cover is employed, along with one of S&S Diesel Motorsports’ CP3-married, gear-driven lift pumps (which it calls the SP3000). The CP3’s also came from S&S, a pair of 14mm, high speed, reverse rotation pumps with direct feed blocks. Also notice the billet-aluminum Fleece Performance Engineering side-draft intake manifold and the front cover’s provision to accept a dry sump oil pump. Expect big numbers to be made with this single turbo’d Cummins, which will eventually get shoehorned into Ryan Milliken’s 275 Nova and be a force at some of the biggest radial tire races in the country.




3-Speed 48RE

For high horsepower drag racing builds, a constantly overdriven, three-speed 48RE is tough to beat. In these applications, overdrive is constantly applied, changing the gear ratios from 2.45:1, 1.45:1, 1.0:1 and 0.69:1 to 1.69:1, 1.0:1 and 0.69:1. This one was assembled by Loganbuilt Transmission and Race Fab for racer Bodie Armstrong, complete with a bolt-together converter from Goerend Transmission, a Goerend trans brake valve body, a Sonnax 35-spline input and intermediate, and a 29-spline output. Notice the added holes in the transmission’s bellhousing, which was done to help improve cooling for the converter between rounds.




41,000-Mile First-Gen

Could this be the cleanest first-gen still out there in the wild? With just 41K on the odometer, this rust-free ’93 W-250 is definitely a survivor. Without a trace of wear from either time or the elements (on the sheet metal or the interior), it’s like this Quad Cab has been trapped in time. Not only is the coveted 6BT 12-valve Cummins under the hood, but a Getrag five-speed manual means no automatic transmission issues to worry about. The truck is currently parked at Gateway Car Connection in Eureka, Missouri with a price tag of $43,800. While that may seem a bit steep for some, how much is a 99.9-percent preserved piece of history worth anyway?




OEM News

2021 F-Series Super Duty
2021 F-Series Super Duty

Ford Super Duty Sales Up 7.5 Percent

Although Ford’s F-150 sales were off by a large margin due to the transition to all-new models, Super Duty sales surged during the month of November. Ford reports sales of its F-250 and larger trucks were up 7.5 percent over its November, 2019 figures. As for America’s best-selling pickup, the F-150, the Dearborn automaker has still managed to sell 713,325 units so far in 2020. That number is 195,000 units higher than the F-150’s nearest competitor, and soundly secures the F-150’s 44th straight year as America’s best-selling truck.




Heavy Duty Fuel Cell Electric Truck Ready For Delivery

Ready or not, the future of heavy-duty trucking arrives at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach this month. The first fuel cell electric Class 8 trucks built under California’s Zero and Near Zero Emissions Freight Forwarding (ZANZEFF) project will be delivered to demonstration fleet customers. Toyota Logistics Services and Southern California Express will receive their own Kenworth T680, each truck being powered by a Toyota fuel cell electric drivetrain. Both zero-emissions trucks will be employed in drayage operations in the shipping ports of L.A. and Long Beach, ports which have long served as major points of air pollution in the past.




Emissions News


EPA Finalizes Stringent NAAQS For Particulate Matter

Following the recent presidential election, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced its final decision to retain the existing National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for particulate matter, which were established under the previous administration back in 2015. It should be noted that U.S. NAAQS PM2.5 standards are more than twice what they are in Europe (25 μg/m3 vs. 12 μg/m3) and that the World Health Organization’s (WHO) air quality guideline for ambient PM2.5 is 10 μg/m3 which is the limit also being observed by Australia, Canada, Iran, Switzerland, the U.K., and many other countries.



Parts Rack


New Dually With Adapters Design from American Force

Reinventing the 10-lug game once again, American Force’s new J04 Block DRW wheels will set your ride apart from all the rest. Its wheels come with the 8 to 10-lug adapters you’ll need, and can be had in polished form (standard), black, or the custom finish of your choice. The J04 Block DRW is available in sizes ranging from 20×8.25 all the way up to 28×8.25. Lip size, concavity, and overall appearance may vary depending on your vehicle and your specific wheel size. All wheels are custom and built-to-order.



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