Edge Products New and Improved Insight CTS3
For years now, the Edge Products Insight CTS2 has been the industry standard for OBD-II based monitoring devices. While the OEM’s give you a few gauges to watch on your dash, if you like to be in control and see everything happening under the hood, do a lot of towing or plan on any increases in power, that dash won’t tell you everything that’s important. In the early days of diesel performance, truck owners started adding additional gauges in the cab to closely watch things like exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s), boost, fuel pressure, and transmission temperature. As technology evolved and trucks got smarter, so did the aftermarket and in-cab monitors become the new normal when it came to watching more parameters in the cab. The Edge Products Insight CTS2 color touch screen is easy to read, easy to navigate and works in virtually every light duty diesel truck. Add to the that what a great price point with what seems like endless display options, the ability to read and clear trouble codes, and the option to add on additional accessory sensors for monitoring just about anything you want and the CTS2 was the go to monitor for many. Until now.

2019 Dodge Ram Cummins, Edge Products CTS3
While we opted to try it out in a 2019 Ram 6.7L Cummins, the Edge Insight CTS3 will fit virtually any diesel platform with an OBD-II port. As a complete on-dash monitoring device, Edge has made sure to work through every make and model light duty diesel to allow complete coverage across the board, regardless of what you drive.

This past May, Edge released their all new CTS3, which of course is based off the CTS2. Since the inception of the CTS2 a few years ago, technology has come a long ways and Edge wanted to fit all that cool new stuff into an all new monitor, focusing on improving the overall look and feel of the device while improving the functionality. The new screen is much more like that of todays smartphones, it has less glare to it and a 720P resolution, making it easier to read in any light and the new capacitive screen responds better to your input when trying to make selections.

Edge Insight CTS3 monitor
The initial unboxing of the product is nothing surprising, as Edge has always had top notch packaging with every thing you might need to install their Insight, right down to the wet wipe to clean a spot on the windshield for the included suction cup mount.

While cosmetics are important, we all know it isn’t most important, as a device like this needs to be smart. To improve on the CTS2, Edge developed an all new high speed ARM 9 TI processor and 1GB worth of RAM (up from 256k in CTS2), this new board moves what seems like lightyears quicker than the CTS2, with normal boot up time to your gauge display less than 2-seconds. One of the more common complaints with the CTS2 was its slower response time, taking around 15-seconds to power up after starting your truck. That wait time is now non-existent with the CTS3, in fact, its so fast to load that it’s usually ready to start displaying your data before you can even be settled in the seat. This upgrade also means the monitor is faster everywhere else. Faster data display rate, quicker response to your input. There is just less lag between commanded inputs, making for an improved user experience.

Edge Insight CTS3 touchscreen monitor
Sitting next to its predecessor, the outgoing CTS2 (bottom), the new CTS3 (top) is similar in size, but you as you can tell with the picture, the display itself has been improved to limit glare and increase readability at a glance. It’s also been converted to a new capacitive touch screen for quicker response and increased sensitivity.
CTS3, CTS2 back side ports
On the back side of the monitors, they remain extremely similar. The new
CTS3 is slightly slimmer in profile, and is lighter, but the real distinguishing
difference you’ll see here is the lack of a video input port for a back-up
camera. But don’t fret, that back-up camera connection is now handled
through the micro-usb port on the CTS3 for a streamlined install.

The CTS3 was also updated with some all new gauge layouts, more control over your color options, and even more control over setting your alerts and warnings for specific parameters you like to keep tabs on. The video input port on the back of the device is now gone, but don’t fret, the CTS3 can still use a backup monitor, but it will now feed in through the micro-usb port. Edge has also added Wi-Fi to the new monitor, making software updated a breeze. There is now no need to remove the monitor from the vehicle to plug in to your desktop anytime you need updates. If you have a Wi-Fi signal, you’re good to go. The CTS3 vehicle coverage is extended to the same platforms as CTS2, or virtually any 1996+ vehicle with an OBD-II port. It will still read and clear codes, data log for you and even perform pretty accurate performance tests like record 0-60mph or 1/4-mile drag tests.

Edge Insight CTS3 1GB monitor
To improve the user experience of the CTS3 Insight, Edge really streamlined the boot-up process along with increasing the internal RAM space from 256k to 1GB. Once powered on with your ignition, the new CTS3 can boot up to your gauge display in as little as 2-seconds, where the CTS2 averaged around 15-seconds on power up.
Edge Insight CTS3 Display
Along with the faster processor, new 720P screen resolution, and high speed data-logging functions, Edge also designed an all new Modern Layout for your gauge display. The new layout offers both older style analog gauges in the center with new digital gauges around them. To go along with this layout, users have the choice of two other main display screens.

With only a little bit of time installing and driving around with the monitor installed in a 2019 6.7L Cummins, we already feel confident in stating the CTS3 is a great improvement over it’s predecessor. Which is really saying something, as the older CTS2 was already a pretty solid device. Edge did their homework on this one and has really developed something our market should embrace.

Edge Products CTS3 alert options screen
Adding to the customization, Edge has also expanded the user’s adjustability of virtually everything to do with the device’s layout and functions. Adding new Warning and Alert settings, you can now set thresholds wherever you’d like, along with turning on or off audible warnings easier.
Edge Products Insight CTS3 color options screen
Within the Color folder, users have full adjustability to set the look of their gauges, the color of each gauge, needle, warnings within the bar, and the notches of the gauge itself.
Edge CTS3 Layout Editor screen
The three main screen displays can be setup hundreds of different ways so each end user can see exactly what they want, and have it displayed how they prefer. The customization in the CTS3 has gone so much further than the CTS2 and it really makes for an excellent user experience.
Edge CTS3 Settings screen
One of the biggest additions to the CTS3 platform it’s Wi-Fi capability. Once setup and connected, the new Wi-Fi system allows for easier updates and connection for data log downloads.
Edge CTS3 interactive test screen
The test screen makes for a good time if you can find a closed course to test it out on of course. With the option to run 1/8-mile, 1/4-mile, and 0-60 mph tests, the staging tree in the center makes for a fun interactive test to see just how well your truck will perform.

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