Second Annual Wagler Diesel Competition Weekend Takes Over Elnora, IN

Once again the small town of Elnora, IN (population of only 652) was invaded by diesel enthusiasts from around the country for the Wagler Diesel Competition. This year’s two day affair took place on June 10th and 11th 2016 and featured two days of vendors, Show-N-Shine, dyno competition, live music and of course hard core sled pulling. With more than 3,500 diesel enthusiasts in attendance over the weekend, Elnora’s population was more than five-times its average.

Tony Rizzi from Full Pull Diesel Performance brought out his new drag truck with a twin turbo-charged Duramax under the lightweight fiberglass hood. We can’t wait to see this truck blast down the dragstrip.
The show and shine drew in a ton of hot trucks. With both new and classics in attendance Caleb Graber grabbed the Best GM award Friday for his Cummins powered 1970 K20 Chevy.

During the day fans were able to brave the heat and take in the vendor booth’s talking directly with manufacturers and representatives to learn how they can improve their own trucks. Additionally they were able to check out the wide variety of Show-N-Shine trucks or even enter their own. Awards were up for grabs for Best Dodge, Ford and GM as well as Best Overall for each day. If that wasn’t enough there was also action on the Dan’s Diesel Performance mobile chassis dyno including the $5,000 Wagler Dyno Challenge with three of the most powerful trucks in the country going head to head versus each other as well as the rollers. As you can tell by the photos for two of the three competitors the dyno won the battle while Shawn Baca won the war and took home the $5,000 prize as well as bragging rights.

Mike Cervi’s 2004 GMC made nearly 1,300-horsepower on the Dan’s Diesel Performance Mobile Dyno to take home the highest horsepower award for the group of standard dyno competitors.

Saturday morning pullers from the Tristate Tractor Pulling Association took to the very same track the PPL competitors rumble across. Look them up online for results and more information about joining their ranks.
Lavon Miller entered his truck in the $5,000 Wagler Dyno Challenge but fell short when oil leaks developed under the hood.
Shawn Baca brought his truck out from Utah to enter the Wagler Dyno Challenge leaving off where we last saw him on the top of the podium. He took the win with a dyno pull of over 2,250-horsepower.

Saturday afternoon spectators could take in some smaller scale pulling action when the Tristate Tractor Pulling Association took over the track with eight classes of garden tractors. Pullers of all ages seemed to have a blast attacking the sled with their modified garden tractors.

When the dust settled on the weekend two trucks dominated the event, C.W. Cartmell in the Limited Pro Stock class and Matt Penn in the Pro Stock class taking wins both Friday and Saturday. The weekend of diesel goodness was enjoyed by all in attendance and the Wagler crew is already making plans for next year’s event, check out the photos over the next few pages to see what you missed. If you enjoy diesel performance and competition we’re sure this is an event you’ll love check out WaglerCompetition.com for the latest on the 2017 event and make plans to be there. We’ll see you there, just be sure to tell them that your friends at Diesel World sent you. DW

Dmitri Millard and the 2003 Chevy he calls Katrina did not fare so well blowing the left rear tire as the power came on. Tire debris narrowly missed Millard, who was standing next to the truck while Dan operated the truck.
The damage was extensive when the tire let go, but did not hit anything critical.
Thanks to the sportsmanship and camaraderie of Miller and his Firepunk crew Millard was able to use the dyno tires from Miller’s wounded truck to make another pull attempt to challenge Baca for the win.

We bet Millard wished those Firepunk guys weren’t so nice when he saw the fireball erupt from under his hood. He thinks the engine likely over revved when the tire blew on the previous run hurting the internals which then became externals exiting the block through the pan and sides of the block. Fortunately the only casualty was some singed and oil soaked grass below the engine.

This year’s Wagler Diesel Competition added a couple diesel tractor classes and ran two sleds to keep the action going. Drew Mager dominated the Limited Pro Stock Tractor class taking the win both Friday and Saturday.
Adam Hallien, C.W. Cartmell and their crews use ice and blowers to try to cool down their engines before making a second hook in the pulloff.
This view is appropriate since all the other competitors found themselves looking at the tail end of the Penn Farms truck throughout the weekend taking the Pro Stock class win both Friday and Saturday.
Brad Ingram drove the Scheid Diesel Dodge Ram to the Super Stock class win Friday night with a hook of nearly 330-feet finishing more than 5-feet ahead of second place Carl Atley.
Brion Withrow finished in seventh Friday but made a good comeback Saturday to finish second with his great looking Chevy bodied Nut Job 2 truck.
C.W. Cartmell probably added a little extra to his truck’s name Most Hated by dominating the Limited Pro Stock Diesel Truck class taking the win Friday by over seven feet, then coming back Saturday and finishing sixth before the pull off, but then turning it up to take the win by about a foot and a half in the pull off.
Matt Penn had a great weekend in the Penn Farms Pro Stock truck taking the win Friday then coming back Saturday and doing it again.


Super Stock Diesel Trucks Friday 6.10.16

Place Vehicle Driver Name City, State Brand Distance
1 Scheid Diesel Brad Ingram Faring, IL Dodge 329.48

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks Friday 6.10.16

Place Vehicle Driver Name City, State Brand Distance
1 Penn Farms Matt Penn Edina, MO Dodge 334.25

Limited Pro Stock Diesel Trucks Friday 6.10.16

Place Vehicle Driver Name City, State Brand Distance
1 Most Hated C.W. Cartmell Chalmears, IN Dodge 332.17

Super Stock Diesel Trucks Saturday 6.11.16

Place Vehicle Driver Name City, State Brand Distance
1 Oversize Load Brad Deeter Burgettstown, PA Dodge 340.47

Pro Stock Diesel Trucks Saturday 6.11.16

Place Vehicle Driver Name City, State Brand Distance
1 Penn Farms Matt Penn Edina, MO Dodge 338.06

Limited Pro Stock Diesel Trucks Saturday 6.11.16

Place Vehicle Driver Name City, State Brand Distance/Pull Off
1 Most Hated C.W. Cartmell Chalmears, IN Dodge 322.82/321.11


Place Name City, State Year Make Model HP TQ
1 Shawn Baca Salt Lake City, UT 2006 Dodge 2500 2259.6 2567.8
2 Dmitri Millard Highland, UT 2003 Chevrolet 2500 1767.7 2299.9
3 Lavon Miller Plain City, OH 2006 Dodge 2500 1766.1 2820.8


Place Name City, State Year Make Model HP TQ
1 Michael Cervi Romeo, MI 2004 GMC 2500 1283.1 1740.1
2 T.J Saunders Springville, IN 2003 Dodge 3500 894.4 1551.9
3 Ryan Burris Montgomery, IN 2006 Chevy 2500 HD 667.1 1133.3
4 Jess McDaniel Terre Haute, IN 2012 Dodge 2500 637.6 1224.2
5 Jeff Parsons Montgomery, IN 2010 Ford F250 613.6 1220.6
6 Jacob Durcholz Jasper, IN 1994 Dodge 3500 582.9 1274.1
7 Brent Jones Wheatland, IN 2012 Ford F250 575.1 1063.8
8 Nathan Jones Wheatland, IN 2015 Ford F350 568.1 1121.4
9 Coltin Simkins Medora, IN 2000 Dodge 2500 526.2 990.2
10 Adam Crouse Shoals, IN 2006 Dodge 2500 485.9 1093.3

Dan’s Diesel Performance Mobile Dyno

Daviess County Fairgrounds

Lowry Sled Rental

Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League

Meyer Distributing

Wagler Competition Products


S&S Diesel Motorsports
Full Pull Diesel Performance
Callies Performance Products
Scheid Diesel Service
Ackerman Oil
BD Diesel Performance
Fleece Performance Engineering
HSP Diesel
Jolliff Diesel Service
Nutrient Management Partners
Trend Performance/Diamond Pistons
White River Co-Op
Wiesco Pistons

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