Polaris Unveils Diesel-Powered PRO XD UTVs

When you hear the word “Polaris”, you either think of the North Star, or if you’re an offroad enthusiast, the maker of all-terrain vehicles. In fact, Polaris is constantly featured in our sister magazine Tread for their line of popular recreational and sport ATVs.


The PRO XD 2000D. All photos courtesy of Polaris

What most people don’t know is that Polaris also specializes in utility task vehicles, or UTVs. In fact, Polaris Commercial, the company’s subsidiary for purpose-built utility and industrial vehicles, just released a new line of diesel-powered UTV at the sub $15,000 range.

The Polaris PRO XD Line consists of three models designed for worksite utility. The UTVs are powered by a 24hp Kubota 3-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine, which promises 200 hours of work in between engine maintenance intervals. The diesel mill is mated to an all-new rigid chassis with a fully sealed cab and a bed large enough to carry a full-size pallet.

The first model, the PRO XD 2000D is a two-seater UTV available in either 4×2 or all-wheel drive. The 4-seater PRO XD 4000D meanwhile comes standard with all-wheel drive. Both boast a 1,930lb payload capacity, and the ability to tow up to 2,500lbs. Speed is limited to 26mph for jobsite compliance, and can be further restricted to 15mph for more critical operations.


The four-seater PRO XD 4000D

Other features include Polaris’ PULSE Connector system to simplify adding accessories like lights and radios; the industry’s widest footwells to accommodate work boots; and the first-ever 26-inch non-directional utility tires designed specifically for hard-packed surfaces, with better puncture resistance.

The PRO XD line is proudly made in Polaris’ Huntsville, Alabama manufacturing facility and is sold as part of the company’s Commercial and Government & Defense portfolio.