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Stainless Diesel’s New Pro Mod

SFI: If you want to go faster in the world of diesel, you have to go lighter.
Stainless Diesel: Challenge accepted.

With Hammertech Racecars hard at work building Stainless Diesel’s new tube chassis, Pro Mod Corvette, a recent update of the car’s progress made the rounds on YouTube and social media. When driver Johnny Gilbert and crew stopped by to drop off the bolt-together Sun Coast converter and thicker flex plate it will use, they discussed the differences in Hoosier vs. Mickey Thompson slicks, 34.5’s vs. 36’s, the ‘vette’s proposed anti-roll bar, the routing of fuel, oil, and brake lines, and also the locations of the oil tank, fuel tank, and engine and turbo mounting. Stay tuned for more on the industry’s latest Pro Mod. Hopefully we’ll see the split-window Corvette out this summer.






Firepunk’s Wild Dyno Session

Anything can happen when you strap a 3,000hp Pro Mod to the chassis dyno. What started with a few sub-2,000hp pulls—to diagnose a crank signal problem the team was having at 6,000 rpm—ended with something the guys at Firepunk simply couldn’t resist doing: making a full pass at max power. On the hit, the skinnies on the front of the Hot Shot’s Secret-sponsored S10 crept up the wheel chocks and then nearly launched over them when the second stage of nitrous started to come in. Abruptly aborting the dyno run, pilot Larson Miller and the rest of the guys found frayed ratchet straps and decided to reserve the 3,000hp tune-up for track-only use.



New Year, New Sponsor

New year, new sponsor, same old John Robinson. With a fresh brand, Stud-RX, signed up to back him for the entire 2021 racing season, one of fastest men in diesel returned to the track over the weekend. Despite facing a few air guillotine bugs and some tire-shake issues, the Scheid-built, billet-blocked, P-pumped Cummins-powered rail still managed to get down the track in 4.27 seconds. At least in the early stages of the season, Robinson plans to limit power to the 2,750 hp range and focus on quicker 60-foot times. Once those goals are achieved, we look forward to seeing him beat his current best, a 4.10, and maybe even march into the 3’s!




PRI Continues The Fight Against EPA Overreach

The U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, although acknowledging the fundamental problem raised by PRI in the EPA vs. Gear Box Z. Inc. case—the fact that the EPA’s filings suggested that the Clean Air Act prohibits converting street-intended vehicles into competition-only vehicles—declined to rule in the lawsuit between the EPA and Gear Box Z. Inc. (GBZ). Instead, the court ruled that the EPA offered evidence that the products sold by GBZ were being used on road-going vehicles, with no proof that they had been used on vehicles reserved solely for motorsports. Despite the setback in the fight to keep automotive racing alive, PRI remains dedicated to fighting the EPA’s overreach by tirelessly urging Congress to pass the RPM Act.






Dig Or Die No-Prep

Fresh off a win at the Thaw Out no-prep race in Darlington, Ethan Patterson and the Wilson Patterson Diesel crew trekked down to the Dig or Die event at Rockingham Dragway on March 26 and 27th. Unfortunately, tuning issues surfaced, limiting what the brand-new, Pine Hill Auto Cummins was truly capable of. That, and quick cool-down times forced Patterson to extract engine oil between passes and refill with oil he had on ice in order to keep the solid block engine happy. But despite his issues, Patterson did put the infamous ’69 Camaro known as Megalodon on the trailer in the first round—which is kind of a big deal.




Diesel Truck Wars (Spring)

The Spring running of Diesel Truck Wars is coming, and Brian Jelich’s nasty 7.3L Power Stroke is rumored to be making an appearance. As one of the fastest 7.3L’s in existence, Jelich’s Super Duty has been 5.76 at 121 mph in the eighth-mile in the past. Now with a lighter, 4,200-pound race weight, look for him to go even deeper into the 5’s this season. Diesel Truck Wars is schedule for April 3 at Northeast Dragway in Hertford, North Carolina. The fall event is set for October 30.




Parts Rack


Flex-A-Lite Transmission Mounting Kits

Flex-A-Lite has removed all the guesswork when choosing and mounting the right transmission cooler for your ’03-’09 Cummins-powered Ram or ’03-’07 6.0L Super Duty. In Ram applications (shown), the company’s all-inclusive kit includes a 30-row, patented dimpled-plate transmission cooler that measures 11 x 10 x ¾ inches with 3/8-inch barbed fittings and that provides nearly twice the heat rejection of typical low-cost transmission coolers. The complete system also ships with the precise-fit aluminum bracket you’ll need, as well as the necessary hose, clamps, and hardware required to install it.



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