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The Sleeper Of All Sleepers

It doesn’t get much more under-the-radar than Mark Rojee’s ’18 Ram. Its stock wheels and tires, along with an untouched factory suspension, are deceiving. But it packs a D&J Enforcer Cummins and compound turbos under the hood, as well as 250-percent injectors and a 14mm stroker CP3 from S&S Diesel Motorsport. As you might’ve guessed, the 68RFE is missing—and a 48RE chock full of Goerend parts sits in its place. Combine all of that with a talented driver and you get a stock-appearing late-model Ram that cuts 1.5-second 60-foots and can blast through the eighth-mile in the 6.40s.





How ODSS Drivers Stay In Shape

Ever wonder what ODSS racers do between events? They terrorize their local track and further hone their skills, of course. One ODSS driver who’s come a long way in a very short window of time is Collin Edwards. Over the weekend, he leaned on his 6.70 Index class Duramax a little bit and put up a new personal best of 6.48 at 106 mph on a 1.53-second 60-foot. A tune with a little less spice should get him right where he needs to be at the next ODSS affair. You can catch that race, the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout, in Crossville, Tennessee on July 29 and 30.





These Grudge Races Are Getting Good

Speaking of Rocky Top Diesel Shootout, how about a pair of low 5-second capable trucks going heads-up for a grand? Friday night’s most-anticipated grudge race is quickly becoming the contest between Ethan Patterson and Nathan Wheeler—and the side bets are already mounting… Wheeler is fresh off making his quickest pass through the eighth to date, a 5.24 in his Cummins-powered Crazy Horse Ford, while Patterson’s purple steed has been known to upset big horsepower cars on the no-prep scene. Patterson has already promised to blow up his truck for the win, so you could say this showdown has all the makings of a pretty interesting race.


Diesel Drag Racing’s Iron-Man

After once again earning the long-haul award for making it to U.C.C./ODR in Indy, Rick Fletes is at it again. After all, it’s event season, and Rick and his Duramax Chevelle are known for traversing the country, competing in diesel and gas events alike. Next on the list is Texas Truck Jam in Ennis, Texas on June 17 and 18. Will Rick and his bad-blue Chevelle dig deeper into the 8’s this summer? You can keep tabs on the car’s whereabouts by following the link below or stay tuned to for updates. We always have an eye on this one-of-a-kind diesel.



It’s NOT Snake Oil

For several years, S&S Diesel Motorsport has been perfecting its disaster prevention system for the CP4.2 high-pressure fuel pump aboard ’11-newer 6.7L Power Stroke engines. Recently, the company put its Gen 2.1 disaster prevention kit to the ultimate test to see if performs exactly as advertised. The guys at S&S intentionally damaged one of the piston’s roller tappets inside a CP4.2 and rotated it 90-degrees within its bore (causing it to dig into the cam lobe) and then reinstalled it on their Super Duty test mule. After 180 total miles (60 of which consisted of towing a trailer) and approximately 4 hours of run time, the truck limped back into the shop down on power but still running. Upon teardown, it was apparent that the disaster prevention kit had saved the injectors, rails, fuel pump, return lines, and kept the tank clean—something that would save a customer thousands of dollars.





New European Goal: 100-Percent CO2 Reduction By 2035

The EU Parliament has voted to reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions by 100-percent by the year 2035, which effectively amounts to a ban on the sale of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. While many members of Parliament praised the new emissions-curbing target, the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) disagreed with the timeline. According to the ACEA, “given the volatility and uncertainty we are experiencing globally day by day, any long-term regulation going beyond this decade is premature at this early stage. Instead, a transparent review is needed halfway in order to define post-2030 targets.”




Parts Rack

Raybestos Torqkit Clutch Pack Modules

The weak points within the Chrysler 68RFE automatic are well known, and Raybestos Powertrain’s Torqkit clutches are a proven solution for significantly increasing the holding power of your ’07.5-present Ram’s six-speed transmission. The company’s clutch pack modules feature increased clutch capacity with additional GPZ friction and steel clutch plates (where applicable), along with providing enhanced shift feel and smooth engagements. Underdrive, 2C, 4C, Overdrive, and Low/Reverse Torqkits are available, and are right at home in drag racing, off-roading, and towing applications.


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