Daimler Truck Freightliner SuperTruck II
Taking efficiency to the next level: The Freightliner

Daimler Truck Unveils Freightliner SuperTruck II

On February 6, Daimler Truck North America and its subsidiary, Daimler Truck, unveiled the new Freightliner SuperTruck II concept. Co-funded by the US Department of Energy, the SuperTruck II project is 12-percent more aerodynamic than the first concept, SuperTruck I, thanks to the use of an enhanced Aerodynamic Height Control technology that lowers the truck just inches off the ground, and cameras in place of exterior mirrors.

The SuperTruck II boasts a 5.7-percent reduction in fuel consumption over version 1 thanks to the Detroit DD13 diesel engine being optimized through combustion, fuel delivery, and timing tweaks—along with a two-stage turbocharger for increased airflow at lower vehicle speed. A 48-volt electrical system also decreases fuel consumption while simultaneously offering a new electric air conditioning system.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2023/02daimler.php

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