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DW-DIESELNEWS-016.7 Cummins Performance

1,300+ HP Out of a 14mm CP3

After conducting some research and development chassis dyno testing for Hot Shot’s Secret, Firepunk Diesel’s Lavon Miller decided to revise the 6.7L Cummins test mule’s tune a bit. The goal? To find out how much horsepower a single Exergy 14mm CP3 could support. Thanks to a compound turbo arrangement that entailed a 5-blade Stainless Diesel S472 over a Forced Inductions S488, the truck cleared 1,366 hp and 1,901 lb-ft of torque. With one of the more legit dynos in the industry, it’s nice to have confirmation that the “at least 1,200hp” label on Exergy’s 14mm pump means it can support well north of that with the right amount of air.





The 2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD features an all-new, patented ai

L5P Tuning

Is the wait over?

Finally, there may be a way to communicate and (more importantly) reflash the “uncrackable” ECU aboard the ‘17+ L5P Duramax. Over the weekend, SC Research LLC, a company that specializes in reverse-engineering virtually any type of automotive computer, was able to infiltrate the L5P ECU and confirm that a different calibration could be uploaded. It’s important to note that SC Research LLC doesn’t write aftermarket calibrations, but that it provides the ability to reflash to its partners. Still, this is a long-awaited breakthrough for L5P owners and it means that aftermarket tuning is on the horizon.


New Bow-Tie

2020 Chevy 2500/3500 HD’s to Debut Next Year

Chevrolet has announced that its all-new 2500 and 3500 HD model Silverados will be available next year as 2020 models. This will mark the third brand new truck offering to be introduced within an 18-month period (joining the 2019 Silverado 1500 and ’19 4500, 5500, and 6500 HD models). On-road testing of the new Silverado 2500 and 3500 HD’s is set to begin soon in order to reach Chevrolet’s increased durability and validation standards. According to Newspress USA, the ’20 models’ “bolder, larger proportions” will be “instantly apparent,” which likely means that, at the very least, the grille and front emblem will be bigger. Further production information is said to be made available next year. Until then, we wait…



More VW Diesel Gate Effects

Massive Restructure Underway

It’s been a long and winding road for Volkswagen following the Diesel Gate scandal that broke more than two and half years ago. On Thursday, and in addition to various changes in VW’s Board of Management, Dr. Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz left the company at his own request. Dr. Garcia Sanz was head of the Procurement department, and was invaluable in helping the company overcome the diesel crisis it faced in 2015. Previous Board of Management Chairman, Matthias Muller, was also praised for his handling of the Diesel Gate scandal, undoubtedly the most difficult time in the company’s history.





NHRDA NorCal Diesel Nationals

From Sacramento

The National Hot Rod Diesel Association returned to Sacramento Raceway Park in California over the weekend for the 2018 NorCal Diesel Nationals. San Jose native, Adam Aquino would bring home the trophy in the Super Street category with his 6.7L Cummins-powered Ram, running a 6.2 at 116 mph in the eighth-mile. Running a Forced Inductions ET-R S488 as a single, we’re told Adam didn’t even lock the Sun Coast converter until Third gear on his winning pass. In the quarter, his Ram has an easy 9.7 in it.




Big Time Kustomz

“Just Breath” Dyno Day

On the other side of the country, Big Time Kustomz held its memorial dyno day in Randolph, New Jersey. Among the list of competitors to spin the rollers was Steven Giordano and his Cummins-powered ’95 F-250 (featured in the May, ’18 issue of Diesel World Magazine). Coined the “Purple People Eater,” Steven’s OBS would end up clearing 850 hp and 1,960 lb-ft on an unloaded dyno. The lightweight, solid front axle Ford sports a 5.9L common-rail with 170-percent over injectors, PPE dual fuelers, a Forced Inductions S476, and EFI Live tuning. It’s just another example of an owner-built, high-powered street truck that gets out and about on a regular basis.





Parts Rack


Towing Performance

CURT Spectrum Brake Controller

Breaking new ground in the trailer brake controller department, CURT Manufacturing’s Spectrum brake controller allows you to control all brake settings with a simple push-button, rotary knob. It provides a clean, dash-mounted, OEM-style user interface with 10 tri-color LEDs. The controller module can be mounted anywhere in your truck and at any orientation, is completely plug-and-play, and is compatible with low voltage or pulse width modulation systems. Other key features of the Spectrum are its motion-sensing accelerometer technology, which allows for high responsiveness and smooth stopping, ability to operate 2-8 brakes at a time (one to four axles), built-in reverse-polarity and short circuit protection. The Spectrum is also compatible with ABS systems and all cruise control functions.

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