Peterbilt Dump Truck X15 Cummins

Business And Pleasure

Business And Pleasure

If this isn’t the coolest dump truck you’ve ever seen, we can’t be friends. It belongs to Eric and Tracy Bauer of Eric Bauer Transport, and since their Peterbilt rolled off the assembly line in 2021 they’ve been transforming it into the truck of their dreams thanks to help from Berry Trucking and Barnyard Customs LLC. Coined “Midlife Crisis,” it was on display recently at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Under the hood, the black and chrome ‘Pete boasts an X15 Cummins (rated at either 565 hp or 605 hp). And in case you were wondering, yes it has fuel tanks. They’re hidden behind the driver’s steps. And no, it’s not a working rig. But it will no doubt be a trophy winner.

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