Diesel News 2-18-19

Truck of the Week

DuramaxTuner.com’s 750HP H1 Project

Duramax-powered Hummers never get old, do they? The folks at DuramaxTuner.com have been hard at it in getting this H1 chassis ready to accept its new powertrain, with select suspension parts from Xtreme Hummer Performance and top-notch powder coating from Wehrli Custom Powder Coating. A freshly rebuilt LBZ with Wagler Competition Products’ forged-steel rods and Fingers 17:1 compression oval bowl pistons will propel it, while one of DuramaxTuner’s DT750 six-speed Allison’s will handle the shifts. Fuel and air check in in the form of an Exergy Performance 10mm CP3 and 60-percent over injectors, with a Stealth 67G2 VVT feeding the engine.
Source: http://www.duramaxtuner.com/


New E.T. King

Behind the wheel of the infamous bright green ’66 Nova, Ryan Milliken made some noise at Lights Out 10 in Georgia over the weekend. On Friday, his Cummins-powered, radial tire’d Chevy put up a new best of 4.45 at 162 mph, claiming the new E.T. record for the fastest diesel door car in the process. The single turbo, nitrous-huffing, leaf spring door slammer continues to impress every time it hits the track, and even though Milliken went out after round 2, his can’t-miss diesel Nova is becoming both faster and more consistent. Look for him to mix things up with the gasser crowd all year long in X275.

OEM News

Ford Issues Bonus Checks to Employees

Hourly profit-sharing just paid off in a big way for United Auto Workers that clock in for Ford Motor Company. For each billion dollars of profit Ford earned last year, hourly UAW members will receive $1,000. After running the numbers for 2018, a year in which FoMoCo’s earnings before income taxes (EBIT) reached $7.6 billion, each worker is slated to see a check for $7,600 on March 14. The profit-sharing program is part of the UAW’s contract with Ford. GM too recently announced its profit-sharing program will pay a handsome sum to more than 46,000 employees. GM UAW employees will receive checks for $10,750.

Fiesta ST, Focus RS, Focus ST

50-MPG Focus ST?

Surprise surprise, you can’t have one in America, but starting now, Europeans will be able to get their hands on a diesel-propelled Ford Focus ST. The 2.0L EcoBlue diesel option punches out 187 hp at 3,500 rpm and 295 lb-ft at 2,000 rpm. The single turbo’d four cylinder features an electronic VGT capable of spinning a whopping 245,000 rpm, overhead cams and four valves per cylinder, common-rail injection with 8-hole piezoelectric injectors, and a cylinder head-integrated EGR system. The oxidation catalyst and DPF are positioned right behind the turbocharger for optimum warm-up and operational efficiency. EcoBlue engines can be had with either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven speed automatic.


Stolen: Have You Seen This Truck?

It doesn’t get much lower than a thief, and one that steals your pride and joy is even lower. On February 17, Shawn Hamrick Jr.’s second-gen was stolen from the parking lot at his shop, Hamrick’s Diesel Repair, in Warren, Ohio. Hamrick is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone offering information that leads to its being found. Vehicle theft of all kind has always been a problem, but in 2017 some 88,000 full size domestic pickups were reported stolen in the U.S. While still being compiled, 2018 figures aren’t showing any signs of improvement. However, thanks to the far-reaching ability of Facebook and other social media platforms, the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle have greatly been improved in recent years.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/shawn.hamrick.7/posts/2098880793533012

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