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Did the biggest news event of 2021 already happen? Perhaps. On Thursday morning, Team Firepunk not only made the Hot Shot’s Secret S10 Pro Mod the first diesel in the 3’s, but the fastest diesel ever to eclipse the eighth-mile. In the works for more than a year and a half, it all came together at South Georgia Motorsports Park, on radials, at Lights Out 12—possibly the best stage available to showcase what a diesel can really do. The record-setting, history-making pass was hard-hitting yet smooth, and included a 1.053-second 60-foot, a blazing 2.685 330-foot, and a 3.998 at 182.67 mph at the stripe. Believe it or not, this may only be the beginning… How much deeper into the 3’s will the hardest-working guys in diesel drag racing push the S10 this year?






More From Lights Out 12

Ryan Milliken and his Glacier Blue Nova made the trip to Lights Out 12 also, and the long-awaited debut of his latest Pro Mod turned heads all weekend. Unfortunately, a host of fresh build issues hampered Milliken’s racing efforts in Georgia. A couple driveshafts, a new TH400 tail shaft housing, axle bearings, third member studs, and traction bars were all required to keep him in the hunt. Between the repairs and traction issues he faced, Milliken’s beautiful new Nova ended up in the trailer early. But once the bugs are worked out, watch out. This car has the potential to be much faster than his previous (and infamous) green machine.



OEM News


Cummins and Daimler Truck Partner Up


A new global strategic partnership between Daimler AG Truck and Cummins Inc. will see Cummins supply medium-duty engine systems for Daimler trucks and buses beginning in the second half of the decade. Cummins has reported it will establish an engine plant at the Mercedes-Benz campus in Mannheim, Germany, utilizing existing resources to produce engines that will be compliant with Euro VII emission standards for Mercedes-Benz. Now for the bad news… Daimler expects the partnership to increase its development efforts in alternative and emerging technologies—including non-diesel engines.





The History Of Big-Rig Racing

Anyone remember the big-rig oval track racing craze? You know, 15,000-pound trucks with 1,000hp engines buzzing around legendary Atlanta International Raceway and other super speedways? If you’ve never tuned in to the Dork-O-Motive podcast hosted by Brian Lohnes, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. From its controversial start in 1979 to interviews with both the winningest driver and the original race announcer, Lohnes tells the story of how big-rig racing came to be. Despite excessive initial scrutiny, this unconventional form of racing enjoyed nearly two decades of success. For anyone interested, the action lives on today, primarily through the Bandit Big Rig Series.




OBS Fords Have Become Classics

In the diesel niche, OBS (i.e. old body style) Fords are most often associated with the ’94.5-’97 versions that left the assembly line with the 7.3L Power Stroke under the hood. Well, some 25 years after the early models rolled off the line, they’re now considered classics, at least in Ohio. Rosewood Diesel Shop’s Jim Rose recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his OBS, a truck that would kick-start a very successful career as one of the premier 7.3L injector builders in the industry, with a historical license plate.




Parts Rack


Nitto Terra Grappler G2

You can find Nitto Terra Grappler G2 all-terrains under thousands of trucks for a reason: they excel both on and off the pavement. But that’s not all. Reinforced coupling joints increase the rigidity of the tread blocks, staggered shoulder lugs provide additional biting edges, variable pitch tread blocks make it extremely quiet on the highway, and full-depth siping means they always look new. Then there’s the tread wear warranty. Hard metric size G2’s come with a 65,000-mile limited tread wear warranty. LT metric and flotation sizes carry a 50,000-mile limited tread wear warranty. In total, some 74 different sizes are available, from 17-inch diameter wheels all the way up to 24-inch.



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