Strongest U-Joints
Neapco Performance U-Joints

The Neapco Performance Series line of universal joints (U-joints) recently completed a battery of tests that clearly demonstrate its superiority to its leading competitor. In the tests, conducted in a laboratory setting to industry-established standards, Neapco Performance Series U-joints outclassed the competitor in all driveline series tested.  Tests include measuring for ultimate strength, low-cycle fatigue, and high-cycle fatigue. In several of the tests, Neapco Performance Series U-joint results were 2X, 3X, or higher compared to those of the leading competitor.


Stay Cool
PPE Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing – Dual Sensor 

Corrosion is often seen on this stock part as they age out. This can lead to blockage and reduced cooling capability. Replace your corroded OEM thermostat housing bridge with the PPE high-strength, cast-aluminum Thermostat Housing. This high-quality upgrade is a direct replacement on to the OEM cylinder heads and is compatible with the factory thermostats, temperature sensor, and the stock thermostat cover. Fits 2001-2007 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7, LLY, LBZ

Pacific Performance Engineering

Stronger Mounts
Merchant Automotive Upgraded Solid Motor Mounts For 2001-2007 LML Duramax Engines

Merchant Automotive is proud to announce the release of their new LML engine mounts fitting all 2001-2007 Duramax LML engines. These solid engine mounts are a direct replacement for your factory LML rubber mounts and provide a stronger-than-factory construction for high-horsepower application. These solid motor mounts will feature high-grade fasteners and a bright orange finish that is sure to add a great new look to your Duramax engine bay.

Merchant Automotive

Throttle Upgrade
PedalMonster for Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator 3.0L EcoDiesel

PedalMonster kills the EcoDiesel’s dreaded dead pedal. EcoDiesels are amazing engines however, they’re notoriously slow to respond to driver input. PedalMonster gives the driver the ultimate control over pedal response and acceleration with City, Sport, and Track modes, each with 10 levels of sensitivity. The patented Reverse Safety mode returns your pedal to stock sensitivity when in reverse gear. Unlike all other modules which draw power from the low-overhead pedal circuit, PedalMonster is powered by 12v from the OBD port. And, the patented ActiveSafety system returns the pedal to stock if any internal or external error is detected.

Banks Power

EcoDiesel Performance
Banks Derringer for RAM 1500 3.0L and Jeep 3.0L EcoDiesel

The NEW Derringer inline tuner safely adds +57 hp/+73 lb-ft. Shave a full second off your 0-60 time and get over 4 truck lengths ahead of stock in the 1/4 mile. This makes getting onto the highway and merging effortless. Patented safety features protect your engine and transmission. Warranty friendly. After removal, it’s like it was never there. CARB compliance means it’s legal to use in all 50-states. Bundled with the iDash, allowing displays all the temps, pressures, speeds and fluid levels your dashboard doesn’t. Monitor the Derringer and change levels on-the-fly using the iDash.

Banks Power

High Torque 2WD
BD Diesel 2Low Unloc Differential Kit

Vehicle maneuverability is reduced in 4WD. When the BD Diesel 2Low Unloc is turned on, you disable the front wheel drive mechanism while full torque is available to the rear wheels. The front wheels will not be driven, delivering normal 2WD drivability while in low range.

Available for 2001-2017 GM 4×4; 2009-2017 Dodge 4×4; 1994-2002 Dodge 4×4

BD Diesel


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