4TH Gen Stopping

Wilwood Brake Upgrade – 2014-2018 Ram


Wilwood is pleased to announce Tactical Xtreme TX6R front and rear brake kit upgrades for 2014-2018 RAM 2500/3500 trucks. Massive forged aluminum six piston calipers wrap around 16.00” diameter GT directional vane rotors. Combined with high-grip, long-wear and fade-resistant BP-20 compound SmartPads, these kits provide unmatched braking capacity and durability for all types of high-demand highway, towing, commercial and heavy load off-road applications.

Kits are fully compatible with the OE master cylinder output, ABS system, all electronic controls and the rear OE parking brake. Each kit includes premium-grade hardware, stainless steel DOT approved flexlines and a detailed installation guide.




BulletProof’d Big Rig

EGR Coolers for Class 5 to 8 Trucks


The famous BulletProof EGR coolers are no longer just for pickup trucks. Cummins ISX EGR Coolers join the other Cummins offerings from Bullet Proof Diesel, including EGR coolers for the 6.7L ISB, ISB-E, Cab & Chassis (Hose Clamp Version), Non-Cab & Chassis, ISL, ISC, QSL and L9 engines. Bullet Proof’s ‘H-Core’ design allows for the natural expansion and contraction of cooling tubes inside the EGR cooler which limits structural failure.


Ford Fuel Upgrades

Driven Diesel Regulated Return Fuel Kit – Power Stroke


Driven Diesel Fuel Bowl Delete Regulated Return Kits increase fuel flow to the cylinder head fuel rails and maintain correct fuel pressure under all throttle positions. They also eliminate the leak/crack-prone fuel filter bowl and all its maintenance hassles, and free up space in the engine valley.  Driven Diesel’s latest update to this kit is a return to S.S. tubing for the front fuel supply lines and a reconfiguration of the return line, both of which resulted in a cleaner installation and a lower price with no sacrifice in product quality.  When coupled with their Filter or Fuel Delivery kits, Driven Diesel Regulated Return products can feed any Power Stroke application, from “stock” to “wild”.


More Air

Industrial Injection Cummins 3rd Gen 5.9L Quick Spool Compound Turbo Kit


The New Cummins 3rd Gen 5.9L Quick Spool Compound Turbo Kit was updated from its original version in a strive for perfection. This kit utilizes Industrial Injection’s  industry-leading turbo technology with a redesigned piping kit to offer the easiest install with the most reliable parts on the market. This kit was designed with a new dipstick tube and a/c retrofit line so you never have to bend and possibly break a line again. If you are looking to lower your EGT’s without sacrificing drive-ability the New Quick Spool Compound Turbo kit is the perfect match for you.


S300 Upgrade

Smeding Diesel S300 turbo kit for 2007.5-2018 6.7 Cummins


This Smeding Diesel turbo swap kit replaces the problematic factory Variable Geometry Turbocharger with a reliable Smeding S300 frame turbocharger. With this non VGT setup, you ‘ll benefit from reduced exhaust gas temperatures and drive pressure causing less stress on your engine while increasing fuel economy at the same time. This Smeding Diesel Non VGT Turbo setup lowers the strain on your factory head gasket and head bolts due to the higher flowing turbine design allowing for lower cylinder pressures while increasing power. Easy drop in install, available with a new two piece high flow exhaust manifold or as a Direct Bolt In for your factory exhaust manifold. This Smeding Diesel kit includes everything you need to install.




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