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Handy Upgrades For Your Late Model Ford

Ford has a little known secret that Super Duty owners should know about. If you own a 2011-up Super Duty, a few factory conveniences can be added relatively easily. Perhaps the most useful is Speed Control, Ford speak for cruise control. Ford Speed Control is actually very simple to have installed, if your truck didn’t come with it. Believe it or not, upgrading to Ford factory Speed Control is not only simple and quick, but it’s actually less costly and cleaner than any aftermarket kit you can find.

We stopped in at Domestic Diesel in Chino, California, and discovered they were about to add Ford Speed Control to one of their customer’s trucks. Curious, we asked, “How long will that take?” John Ferguson, owner of Domestic Diesel, replied, “About an hour.” When asked how that was doable, Ferguson explained that Ford has made it possible to simply swap out a left-hand steering wheel switch pad and reflash the computer.

Do that and you’ll have OEM Speed Control on your late model Ford. We’re here to tell you that this upgrade did take about an hour and worked perfectly once done, just as if the truck had been equipped that way from the factory. Take a look at the next few pages and you’ll see how simple this install is. You’ll also find a list of a few other easy upgrades available for your Super Duty.

1 Here you see the original switch (less Speed Control function) next to the new OEM switch that includes the Speed Control buttons. This switch fits Super Duty trucks from 2011-2014, diesel or gas.

2 The old switch is removed from the left side of the steering wheel. A small screwdriver or other flat tool is all that’s needed to pop it out.

3 The original switch is unplugged and the new switch is plugged in. The wire harness already contains the required wires for Speed Control.

4 After the new switch is plugged into the harness, it’s simply snapped into place. This is all the mechanical work that’s required.

5 Once the Speed Control capable switch is installed, the truck’s computer (ECM) must be reflashed to enable the Speed Control function. A dealer or a competent Ford shop, like Domestic Diesel, must do this. With this completed, you’re ready to hit the road and let your truck handle the speed while you sit back and cruise in style.


While discussing the available EZ upgrades for Super Duty trucks, John Ferguson reminded us that larger fuel tanks also require a reflash of the computer. The truck used for our Speed Control upgrade was in the shop to have an 80-gallon fuel tank installed. This tank upgrade would have thrown off the distance to empty, DTE, function of the Ford info center. After telling the ECM that it now needed to use 80 gallons as the baseline, the DTE calculations are about as accurate as they were stock. Be sure your ECM is reflashed with the correct tank size on any truck with a DTE function in the convenience center. DW

The Super Duty truck seen in this article had just received a larger, 80-gallon fuel tank. In order to keep the distance to empty (DTE) function accurate, the ECM requires a reflash.

John Ferguson was able to reflash the ECM during the same session that was used to set up the truck for the Speed Control upgrade. Doing both flash upgrades in the same session saved the shop time and the customer cash.


Ford offers the following upgrades for owners of late model Super Duty trucks. They are available from the Ford accessory site, your local dealer, or from Domestic Diesel.

Speed Control Kit (Cruise Control)
Seen above
P/N BC3Z-9A818-AA
Super Duty 2011-2015

Keyless Entry Keypad
Unlock your vehicle without your key or keyless entry remote
Part No: 7L2Z-14A626-BA
Super Duty 2009-2014

Remote Start System 100 Series Plug-N-Play
Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a pre-warmed or pre-cooled vehicle
NOTE: Available only for vehicles with power door locks.
Part No: BC3Z-19G364-A
Super Duty 2011-2015

Note: The Ford Fleet site also offers upgrades for your Super Duty. Switch kits and wire harnesses for them are just the tip of the iceberg on this site for upgrades large and small.

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