Diesel News 4.2.18

Engine of the Week

Serious U.C.C. Qualifier

David Petrick’s 07 Cummins

With the countdown to Indy on, 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge qualifier David Petrick is putting the final touches on his ’07 Dodge Ram. Thanks to a stout, 6.7L-based Cummins put together by Seth Burton of New Performance Automotive, David has no reservations about allowing a triple Forced Induction turbo setup to feed it all the air it needs, Dynomite Diesel Products super mental injectors providing copious amounts of fuel, and a competition-ready Firepunk Diesel 48RE to back it all up. An experienced drag racer, David and his four-door short bed Dodge used to run 6.8-second eighth-miles on a stock bottom end and compounds. Now, with a full engine build and triples, he has effectively entered the octagon.


Low 8’s, Right out of the Gate!

Done Right Diesel Performance Pro Mod Ram

It’s official, the Done Right Diesel Performance Pro Mod Ram we’ve been warning you about is on the loose. Over the weekend, Ben Shadday’s fiberglass bodied, 3,400-pound truck was spotted making some test hits, and it didn’t disappoint. On its first pass ever, the little white rocket stormed the eighth-mile in 5.16 seconds and trapped 131 mph in the process. According to the NHRA’s eighth-mile to quarter-mile calculator, that translates to an 8.10 at 164 mph. That’s not a bad first showing. According to what the Freedom Racing Engines 6.8L Cummins made on the engine dyno, the truck was utilizing about 60-percent of its available power on the 5.16 pass.


DW-WEEKENDRECAP-03Easter Bunny Drives a Truck

A Little Math, A Few Eggs, All in Fun

Just in time for Easter, our friends at Royalty Core decided to find out just how many hard boiled eggs would fit in each of the Big Three’s ¾-ton trucks, as well as the Nissan Titan XD. After devising a mass and weight measuring formula and using the bed measurements and payload capacities of each truck, the folks at Royalty Core came up with some pretty impressive answers. Thanks to its 65 cubic feet worth of bed volume, the ’18 Ford F-250 took top honors, capable of hauling just shy of 30,000 eggs. No eggs were harmed in the shenanigans. In fact, not one egg was boiled. The test was conducted completely on paper.



NADA Joins Check to Protect Program

Recall Network

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has joined forces with the National Safety Council (NSC) in a campaign coined “Check to Protect,” created to educate the general public about the importance of addressing open vehicle recalls. NADA chairman and FCA US LLC dealer, Wes Lutz, intends to promote the Check to Protect program on his dealership websites and during interactions with customers. Because dealers ultimately handle the recall repairs, Lutz is encouraging all franchised dealers, of every brand, to do the same. To find out if you have an open recall on your car, truck, or SUV, visit CheckToProtect.org.



More Signs Diesel is Dying in Europe

Market Share Dropping

Europe was once a stronghold for diesel-powered vehicles, but now ever-increasing buyers are turning to gasoline (i.e. petrol). Last month, the share of diesel powered vehicles in the European market fell to 39.5 percent (it peaked at 55 percent in 2011), thanks to falling demand in the United Kingdom and Germany, where registrations of diesel cars dropped by 23.5 percent and 19.2 percent, respectively. So what’s the cause? It’s believed to be a combination of auto makers having trouble meeting EU CO2 emissions standards and the threat of various cities banning the operation of diesel vehicles.



Parts Rack

MP Turbo Series for 6.7L Fords

700 HP Cappable

Midwest Diesel & Auto has come out with a complete new line of variable geometry turbochargers for the 6.7L Power Stroke. The company’s MP series kicks off with the MP64S, a 64mm curved blade charger that spools quicker than the factory 61mm, retains the factory turbine wheel, and was designed for stock injector trucks. The MP6464-10 adds one of Midwest’s 64mm, Dominator X turbine wheels on top of the MP64S, and is ideal for added fueling in the form of a ’15-newer injection pump or stroker CP4. The MP6664-10 combines a 66mm compressor with the aforementioned 64mm Dominator X turbine, and complements dual fuelers and a smaller set of injectors perfectly. Finally, the MP6668-10 pairs a 68mm compressor with a 68mm Dominator X turbine and can support 700-rwhp or more.





MPD Bling

6.4L Power Stroke Intake

Work of art much? Check out Maryland Performance Diesel’s latest variant of the billet 6.0L/6.4L Power Stroke intake manifold. Rumor has it that the piece will be making its way onto MPD’s infamous ’10 F-250 coined King Kong—the crew cab Super Duty known for running 10.80s in the 125 mph range and melting down dynos. But don’t plan on throwing your money at one of these babies unless you’re ready to go racing. You’ll need a remote mount turbo, relocated oil cooler, and several other changes in order to make one work on your 6.0L or 6.4L.

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