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Lifted or Lowered?

Now if we only had adjustable tires…

It’s a lowered diesel! Wait, no it’s lifted! Actually, it’s both, as Dorian Reyna from Power Stroke Enginuities (PSE) took things to another level by showing up at SEMA with an Any Level Lift on his 600-hp 6.7L Power Stroke. The Innovative kit has hydraulic mounting points that allow the truck to be +13 in front and +14 on the rear, but can then drop the truck all the way to -1 in front and -4 in the back. Price? If you have to ask…





Big Single, Big Power

1,900-plus to the Wheels!

A lot of folks are getting ready for next years’ Ultimate Callout Challenge, including the 2017 dyno winner Shawn Baca. Shawn, who entered flying the Industrial Injection flag has been working on a hot single turbocharger combination, that has run some mid 9s in the quarter mile, and made more than 1,900rwhp on the dyno. The problem? It turns out that the transfer case said sayonara after the 1,941-hp pull. Next year should be fun.

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Craigslist Deals

They’re Still Around!

If you’re in the market for a used diesel truck project, it’s no secret that Craigslist is a gold mine for finding diesel trucks. There’s low mileage rides, fleet trucks, and even already modified monsters. One thing to remember though, is that the best deals might not be close to you. We found a cool high-mileage common-rail dually that needed some body work (for $8,900) right in Los Angeles, but had to search all the way into Oregon to find a $4,750-dollar 1st-Gen Dodge. The lesson? Be willing to travel if you want the best deal.



Diesel Fuel Prices

Are they on the Rise?

Are diesel fuel prices headed back up? We hope not, but the writing could be on the wall, as according to the US Energy Information Administration. The average price of diesel fuel nationwide as of last weekend was 2.88 a gallon, compared to 2.47 last year. Fuel prices are highest in California (big surprise there) at 3.54, thanks to a new fuel tax.



Parts Rack


Vertical Dominance

Who has the Biggest Lift?

We saw lots of ’17 6.7L lift kits at the SEMA show, and that made us wonder, who’s the king of the new Fords? We checked to find out and see just how much height one could get out of a ’17 without going custom. As it turns out, it seems like 12 inches is the current maximum, and is available from a few different companies like Bulletproof Suspensions and Kelderman in both air ride and non-air suspensions.





One Last Drag Race

Diesel Thunder Fall Finale

It’s hard to believe that there’s still racing in November, but a number of diesels made the call at Gulfport Dragway in Mississippi for Diesel Thunder’s Fall Finale. A number of cars and trucks that should be in the thick of things next year entered in the Pro Mod class, including two Power Strokes! The Rudy’s Diesel ride would take the win in a tight battle on a slippery track. Wade Moody also made a stellar 4.21 at 172 mph pass in his dragster, which we think is a new record for a Duramax. Can’t wait till next year!


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