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Quickest Duramax Pickup On The Planet

We’ve seen Brett Deutsch’s Duramax-powered ’69 C10 go 8’s in the past, but on October 30th he and his Pro Mod Chevy set a new record at Byron Dragway. Thanks to a 7.28-second quarter-mile, Brett’s C10 is now the quickest Duramax-propelled truck on the planet. After his 3,800-pound ride catapulted out to a 1.10-second 60-foot, Brett pulled off one of the most impressive passes in diesel history. Don’t mind the fact that the truck’s 175-mph trap speed was a bit off the pace of a 7.2-second pass. Brett had to pull the parachute and let out early due to the truck starting to pull hard to the left.




The Quickest 4×4 7.3L Power Stroke… Just Got Quicker

We knew Brian Jelich’s 7.3L Power Stroke could go quicker than the effortless 5.90’s it puts up in the ODSS 5.90 Index category, but we didn’t know he could run 5.40’s. Somehow that’s exactly what he did, more than once (we’ll add), while competing in the Outlaw class at Diesel Truck Wars. What’s more is that according to his data logs Brian believes he can send his ’00 Super Duty through the eighth-mile in 5.20s. A quicker, 1.27-second 60-foot later in the day certainly supports that possibility. Already certified as the world’s quickest four-wheel drive 7.3L-powered truck in the eighth, this 5.46-second time slip means no one is likely to catch up with him any time soon.



One Day This Barn Find Will Be A Show-Stopper

It might be hard to picture now, but Brandon Davis certainly sees it. As the owner and builder of several show-winning diesels, Brandon snagged a 38,000-mile first-gen for his next ground-up project. The ’91 W250 LE Dodge was obtained from a trip into the Appalachian mountains. The all-original Power Ram—a surface-rust-only survivor with solid floors—came complete with all maintenance records and even the original window sticker. With no particular end date in mind, Brandon plans to take his time with the build. It will commence with a fully sandblasted frame, then a new paint job, followed by a fresh interior.




The Firepunk Pro Mod S10 Is at SEMA

SEMA is in full swing and the quickest eighth-mile diesel in the world is parked at the Hot Shot’s Secret booth (Central Hall, booth number 20221) in Vegas. The Pro Mod S10 is wearing small tires—the same rubber that allowed the D&J Cummins-powered truck to run the first 3-second pass in diesel history at February’s Lights Out event last February. A new, tear drop exhaust outlet grabbed some attention as well. Team Firepunk/Hot Shot’s Secret are fresh off of their third ODSS Pro Mod title in a row.





Emissions-Friendly, 800hp Tuning Is The Future Of Diesel Performance

It might’ve been a tough mountain to climb, but the folks at PPEI can finally say that their emissions-friendly tuning runs better than the off-road tuning from yesteryear. At the present time, 800 hp can be made with a late-model diesel’s factory exhaust system still intact, which means there is no need to delete anything for the majority of the nation’s truck owners. On top of that, PPEI owner, Kory Willis, predicts that by next year an 800hp, fully-compliant diesel will cost less to create than the purchase price of a delete pipe. Look for the rest of the diesel industry to follow suit in the years to come.



In a consent decree, Navistar has agreed to pay a $52 million civil penalty for alleged violations of the Clean Air Act with its 2010 engines. The EPA alleged that Navistar unlawfully sold on-highway heavy-duty diesel engines that weren’t covered by EPA certificates of conformity. The suit, originally filed against Navistar in 2015, stated that in 2010 the Lisle, Illinois manufacturer introduced 7,749 engines into commerce that failed to meet the newer, more stringent emissions standards at the time. It’s reported that Navistar marketed the engines as 2009 model year power plants even though all production and assembly took place in 2010. The court held that the engines in question were in fact 2010 units, which were required to have been covered by a 2010 certificate of conformity that demonstrated they were in full compliance with the new emissions standards.




Parts Rack

Raybestos’ Proven 68RFE Clutches

The weak points of the Chrysler 68RFE automatic are well-documented, and Raybestos Powertrain’s Torqkit clutches are a proven solution for significantly increased holding power in Ram’s ’07.5-present transmission. Its clutch pack modules feature increased clutch capacity with additional GPZ friction and steel clutch plates where applicable, and they provide not only an enhanced shift feel, but provide smooth engagements. Underdrive, 2C, 4C, Overdrive, and Low/Reverse Torqkits are available, and are right at home in drag racing, off-roading, and towing applications.



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