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DW-WEEKENDRECAP-WAGLER-01 500cid Duramax ’37 Chevy

The Wagler/EZ Lynk/Premier Pro Mod

You might be wondering what a blown alcohol Pro Mod is doing as our pick of the week. To the casual onlooker, this ’37 Chevy might look like any other serious drag car, but there’s one big difference: it’s a diesel! After building their shop truck, Wagler decided they needed to go with a “real chassis” if they wanted to drag race. Fast forward a few months later after teaming up with Premier Performance and EZ Lynk, and this 2,900-pound supercharged DX500 monster was the result. Keep a lookout for updates, as supercharged diesels try to invade gas-dominated motorsports!



Cummins Rat

Tinman 2 Kustoms Creation

When people hear the term “rat rod” a lot of the time they think of something that’s been thrown together haphazardly with a bunch of spare parts. There are some builders that see these creations as a place to display well-crafted ingenuity, and we definitely think the Tinman ride is the latter. There’s tons of creativity on the compound turbo Cummins, including a couple of tin mans, a fake distributor (that we think is being used as a crankcase vent) and a driveshaft intake. Oh, did we mention it has 800hp and a gooseneck hitch? Too sweet.


Parts Rack

New Borg Turbo

72mm S300 in the Works

BorgWarner has been perhaps the largest name in turbos for a few years now, and they’re still innovating to keep ahead of the Joneses. They recently expanded their S300 series to include new SX-E models up to 69mm, and at SEMA we found out they’re now working on a 72mm version. While it’s still in development, rumor is that the new turbo should spool like an old 66mm, and flow like an old 75mm. We’ll keep our eyes open for this one to hit shelves!



Sky High Ford

Old Tech Rules the Lifts

One of the tallest trucks at SEMA (aside from monster trucks anyways) was this old-school Ford. We dig the beefy tires and actual paint (as opposed to a wrap). We’ve actually spotted this Ford before a few years ago, and we’re glad to see it out and about again. Air rides might be cool, but it’s hard to beat a couple feet of leaf springs for vertical dominance!



SEMA 2017

Better than Ever

It’s hard to ignore the popularity of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, as each year hundreds of thousands of sellers, buyers, and media come through the doors at the Las Vegas convention center. There’s pretty much anything you could need for your truck here, whether you’re into show, go, or towing a trailer. If you wake up in the morning thinking about diesel pickups, it’s definitely something you want to attend!


King of the Streets

2,000 hp Street Trucks on the Track and in the Dirt

An interesting event was held this past weekend at Cecil County Dragway called King Of The Streets, where diesel pickups would vie for an overall title after rounds of drag racing, dynoing, and sled pulling. After a hard fought battle between Fords Dodges and GMs, it would be Brian Parker who would take the win, making 1,984rwhp on the dyno, running a 9.26 at 151 mph at the track, and melting his wounded engine to the ground during the sled pull. Congrats Brian for having the guts to send a wounded truck down the pulling track for the win!


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