Turba Tom Dodge Ram Cummins UCC Truck Parts
Turba Tom Dodge Ram Cummins UCC Truck Parts

Select Parts From The Late Turba Tom

If you’re looking to build a truck that can compete in Ultimate Callout Challenge, many of the parts that made the late Turba Tom, the People’s Champ, and his 2,000hp Ram so successful are now for sale. Some of the parts listed (by way of his father) include cut tires, different wheels, a front weight box, hitches, and various other truck pulling components. In the words of UCC and ODSS racing commentator, Charles Poosch: “It’s time. Tom would want you to.” The parts are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and interested parties are asked to contact Tom’s father for further details.

Source: https://ultimatecalloutchallenge.com/

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