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The Infamous Blue Nova Impresses At The World Street Nationals

It was a weekend full of ups and downs (or rather, one down followed by several ups) for Ryan Milliken and the Cummins-powered Nova at the World Street Nationals in Orlando. During qualifying it was another case of pop-goes-the-turbo as Ryan drove through the traps. Then the tremendous upside started… A 4.26 at 177 mph earned him a new personal best in the car, not to mention turning in the fastest trap speed of the 2022 event (which he later improved upon) and moving up the later to the number 8 spot. In the first round of eliminations, Ryan took the win over Alan Felts, a race that was won on the hole shot thanks to a 0.012-second reaction time—and that was in addition to running an even faster, 178-mph trap speed. In the second round of eliminations Ryan lost to Kenny Hubbard, the event’s number one qualifier, due to traction issues. Nevertheless, it was a very productive affair for team Hardway and a great exhibit for diesel.

Source: https://hardwayperformance.com/



Chris Watson’s Super Max Puller Lives On

The O.G. Super Max, the homegrown Super Stock Chevy put together by the late Chris Watson, resurfaced on social media lately. If you recall, Watson’s mechanical injection Duramax broke the Internet roughly a decade ago, and come to find out it’s still around. Some of you might’ve even seen its appearance at the Wagler Fall Nationals back in October. According to Jeremy Wagler, Randy Watson and Chris’s father, Paul, purchased a DX engine in 2021 and have been making test passes and gradually working out the bugs. Look for the Super Max to be a direct competitor to the Kusilek’s Cummins Killer III and Randy Overton’s Evil Diesel truck in the year(s) ahead.

Source: https://waglercompetition.com/


6.0L Dominators—Who Would’ve Ever Thunk It?!

Who would’ve ever thought the 6.0L Power Stroke could be such a lethal force in truck pulling? Team Warren Diesel came out swinging in 2022, and the result of their efforts in the dirt was a championship for Ron King in Full Pull Production’s 2.6 Pro Street class. In fact, it was a repeat of what Ron did in 2021, where he also dominated the field. In the Run What Ya Brung category, Jesse Warren collected Third Place points behind the wheel of the gnarly Shark Bait Super Duty, which packs one of the wildest 6.0L engines you’ll ever come across.

Source: https://www.warrendiesel.com/


Solid HP Gains From Edge

If you need to wake up your old 5.9L common-rail, Edge can push your third-gen into 500hp territory with its Juice with Attitude Hot Unlock tuning. Recent dyno testing with the CTS3 version of the latter programmer and Hot Unlock file took a bone-stock ’07 Dodge from roughly 290-rwhp to 474 hp at the wheels. The torque gains were even more impressive, raising twist from approximately 550 lb-ft stock to 944 lb-ft. These kinds of gains can transform your workhorse into a hot-rod—and a hot-rod that can still perform all of its daily driving and work tasks. Full disclosure: don’t expect a stock 48RE automatic to last long with this kind of grunt on tap.

Source: https://www.edgeproducts.com/




John Deere’s Next-Generation Diesel Engines

At Bauma 2022, John Deere Power Systems showcased its next-generation diesel engines, which includes the company’s JD4, JD14, and JD18. The common-rail injection power plants make use of rear geartrains for added flexibility for auxiliary power in the types of equipment they’re used in. Overhead cam designs are also employed to aid fuel economy. The JD14 (a 13.8L I-6) produces between 402 hp and 684 hp, up to 2,250 lb-ft of torque, and meets U.S. Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V emission standards thanks to John Deere’s integrated emissions control system with externally cooled EGR. In Stage V form, the JD14 features SCR and a DPF, while the Tier 4 version utilizes SCR but no DPF. The JD18 is rated for 700 to 908 hp and up to 3,135 lb-ft of torque, but does not require an emissions aftertreatment system.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2022/11deere.php




U.S. EPA To Target Diesel Locomotives Next

On November 10th the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it would be taking immediate steps to develop options and recommendations to address pollution from both new and current locomotives. CARB has also proposed new emissions regulations for locomotives currently in service and will conduct a public hearing to consider its proposals on November 17th. A further consideration put forth by the EPA is to explore ways to leverage Inflation Reduction Act funds to help accelerate the transition to a zero emission future in the locomotive sector.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2022/11epa.php


European Union: No Fossil Fuels After 2035

The race toward “zero emissions” continues, and the European Union is officially all-in on killing fossil fueled vehicles. At the tail end of October, the European Council and Parliament reached a tentative agreement on more stringent CO2 emission performance standards for new cars and vans. As part of the agreement, a 100-percent reduction in CO2 emissions for new vehicles is to become effective from 2035-on. The proposal would effectively represent a ban on the sale of all new gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2022/10eu2.php

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