The new covers fit like a glove, look great, and gave the Excursion a new lease on life.

Refreshing the Worn Seats of Project 600HP Grocery Getter With Covers from ShearComfort

It’s been a few years since Project 600HP Grocery Getter has appeared in the pages of Diesel World. However, the project isn’t dead. It has just been doing work. This 2004 Excursion has been on kid duty, and the seats are feeling a bit tired, which is to be expected from a 15-year-old truck typically filled with three young kids. To give the seats a refresh and a custom touch, we reached out to ShearComfort. The folks at ShearComfort recommended a set from their Soft-Touch Imitation Leather line. Shear Comfort’s Soft-Touch Imitation Leather line features covers made from a high-quality and durable material that we thought was real leather at first glance. The water and mildew resistant material is perfect for anyone, but it is especially right for our high-power grocery getter/kid mobile.

After looking over the design styles on their website, we picked a set that perfectly matched the Excursions color scheme and pulled the trigger on the order. Once the covers showed up, we went right to work. All in, the covers took about 30 minutes to install on all three rows. The install was extremely simple, and we’re loving our Excursion’s new interior look and feel. It’s almost like a new truck again.

After 15 years of service, the Ford’s factory leather seats were cracking, with the foam padding poking through in some areas.
The back rest ShearComfort covers simply slide over the existing covers and secure with a combo of Velcro and/or straps. It’s important to note that these covers aren’t only for worn out seats. You can install them on brand new seats to both protect them and add a custom touch to the vehicle.
Arm rests get covers, too, and they install just like the others. The cover is simply slid over the worn rest and held in place by elastic around the base. Once installed, you can’t see the seam or old cover.


The bases install a bit differently. You put it over the seat, feed the straps under the seat back to a set of buckles, and cinch them down.
We opted for the optional map pocket, because, well, everyone loves extra storage space.
The second row installation was essentially the same as the front except for a few tweaks for the child seat.
The new covers fit like a glove, look great, and gave the Excursion a new lease on life.

ShearComfort Seat Covers

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