On The Edge: Insight Pro and Jammer Intake Install

Insight Pro and Jammer Intake Install

If you look back over the past ten years, it’s unbelievable to really look at how much technology has changed our everyday life. From the groundbreaking Blackberry cell phones with a full built in keyboard to the hand held Ipad’s and personal computer markets. It seems todays smart phones become outdated and old slow technology before the warranties even expire. Lucky for us, these advancements in technology have made the diesel industry change and grow just as rapidly. With companies like Edge Products, a division of Powerteq who also produces the DiabloSport and Superchips brand names, the programming and engine monitoring devices continue to release industry leading products for aftermarket performance.

Insight Pro

Following the launch of their newest monitoring devices, the CS2 and CTS2 monitors this past year, Edge Products has taken their systems capabilities one step further by allowing them to be used as a custom tune interface to store and program custom tunes into your truck via the HP Tuner software. The all new Insight Pro now allows custom tuning companies with experience in the HP Tuner software to modify a vehicles engine control module by receiving your stock file through Edge’s new downloadable Ignition program. Once the Insight Pro saves your stock file and uploads it into the Ignition database, your selected tuner can download your specific file and modify it as needed to be sent back to you for programming into your trucks ECM.

The brand new line of Jammer intake systems are available for most diesels and offer better airflow for increase performance. Plus, when paired with the (CTS) monitor that can now be used to download custom tunes from your favorite HP Tuner dealer it makes for a great combo netting increased efficiency and power.

The added capability of using it as a custom tuning devices makes the Insight CS and CTS2 with their comprehensive multi-screen touch screen displays just that more desirable. The Insight Pro will work on 2001-2015 GM Duramax, 2003-2010 Ford Power Stroke and 2006-2007 5.9L Cummins ECM’s with engineers working on the release to more.

Jammer Intake

As the engines control module is adjusted for different fuel, timing, and EGR tables, getting as much dense air into the cylinders as possible can really help keep emissions and engine efficiency at its peak potential. The all new Jammer intake systems will help do just that, and are now available for most light duty diesel applications.

For this particular run of product testing, the 2011-2016 LML Duramax was selected to receive both the Jammer air intake system and new CTS Insight Pro with custom tuning files built with the HP Tuner software. This completely stock truck is about to go from a capable daily driver to an emissions friendly tire shredding street stomper.
The stock air box was the first thing to go, while it filters well and has enough flow to support the already impressive 370-rwhp. Increasing flow with the Edge Jammer intake will help that motor breathe once the performance tuning is downloaded.
The Jammer kit is a direct replacement to the stock unit and will re-use all the factory sensors, so be careful not to break any wires or connectors when removing the stock intake system.
The Edge Jammer has a cleanable high flow filter that can be used for 100,000+ miles.
The new injection molded sealed Jammer intake kit ensures clean cool air is pulled from outside the hot engine bay and directed to the turbocharger through smooth high flowing ducting. The plastic system works better at keeping heat out of the intake path, improving engine efficiency.
With near perfect fitment, aside from the large Edge logo on the air box lid, you’d never know this wasn’t factory equipment.
The new Insight Pro expands upon the already popular CS2 and CTS2 Insight platforms by giving them the ability to read the stock ECM and download the files to be sent off to your preferred HP Tuner custom calibration specialist for some tweaking to then be returned to you to be downloaded into the truck.
Edge Products and HP Tuner worked hand in hand to create the ultimate in custom programming capabilities. With the state of the art color screen monitoring of the Insight and the endless calibration adjustments available through HP Tuner tuning software, your truck can be modified and tuned more easily now with the all-in-one unit.
– For this build, some custom tunes were written by one of the engineers at Edge Products via the HP Tuner software and saved into the Insight Pro. Used mainly as a daily driver and for towing a 28ft travel trailer, a solid tow tune and a performance tune were all that would really be needed. But the Insight Pro can be used to hold multiple tuning options from your preferred tuning company.
Hoping to back their marketing claims, Edge Products strapped the LML Duramax to their in-house dyno to show just how much power potential hides within that engine with a little better airflow and the custom programming to go with it.
In the cab, the Insight CTS Pro has countless display settings and layouts to choose from that can be set up by the end user to monitor the trucks vitals as they see fit. The preloaded Digi Camo background seemed perfect for this specific build and displaying EGT’s, DPF Regen status, Soot Particles within the DPF, and Engine Coolant Temperatures will help keep the driver informed while driving and towing.
In 100% stock form, this 2012 LML put down a very impressive 369hp and 715lb-ft of torque. That kind of torque was what guys were looking for with their ‘chipped’ trucks from 4-5 years ago.
– Running the custom ‘Tow’ file and the new Jammer intake system, 70hp and almost 100lb-ft were unlocked bringing the overall numbers up to 440hp/815tq.
– While it won’t be run often, the guys at Edge had to see just how far programming and an intake could take the LML engine’s output, so the Performance tune was downloaded into the ECM and a third and final dyno run was made. 495hp and 932lb-ft torque to the rear wheels…still while running the Urea injection, DPF and EGR in 100% factory settings. This truck will pass an emissions test in any state and can even be CARB certified with this tune. That’s an extra 125hp and 217lb-ft of torque.

The Jammer cold air intake system was developed to help keep the engines heat away from the inside of the intake tract, allowing cool outside air for combustion. The denser air charge will help make more power while keeping overall engine emissions more controlled helping with fuel efficiency as well. DW

Edge Products

Edge Products has taken pride in being a ‘Made in USA’ company with their main headquarters being based out of Ogden, UT. With the launch of their new Insight Pro and Jammer intake kits, they needed a stock truck to do some additional testing on to be sure they could back their advertised power gains. Needing a completely stock truck to base the before/after data off of, a 2012 LML Duramax owned by  Master Sergeant Jason Grove of the US Air Force was selected as the test vehicle. Groves’ wife had purchased the truck for him as a welcome home present after he’d spent 6-months on deployment overseas with the military. Since Master Sergeant hadn’t even had a chance to drive the truck yet, as he wasn’t scheduled to come home for another month, it seemed fitting to use this truck for product install and testing. What better way to thank a soldier for his services for our freedom than with a little extra horsepower. The term ‘little’ should be taken lightly however as the new Jammer intake system and custom tuned Insight Pro produced almost 130hp, while keeping all the emissions equipment intact. At the time of print, Master Sergeant has been home 3-months and is wearing the truck out with his wife and three kids towing their travel trailer around the Rocky Mountain region enjoying their time together in a country where our military continues to fight for our freedoms. On behalf of Diesel World Magazine and Edge Products, we want to thank all the men and women of our US Armed Forces for their service and sacrifices.

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