Weekend on the Edge 2022

This past September, Edge Products hosted their 20th straight year of Weekend on the Edge out of their hometown of Ogden, UT For more than twenty years, Edge has been developing and producing some of the most popular tuning and monitoring products on the market for diesel trucks and every year they host their version of a customer appreciation event at the local fairgrounds to bring together the local diesel crowd for some old fashioned diesel fun. This year, Edge enlisted the help of the crew from the Northwest Dyno Circuit (same dyno and crew that runs Ultimate Callout Challenge) to bring their portable Superflow chassis dyno down for a day also filled with a show and shine contest, vendor alley, food, and comradery amongst friends. This event has been one of the ‘go to’ events along the western part of the country and brings in some of the biggest names in the business, where in years past we’ve seen some massive horsepower numbers and even more impressive engine and turbo explosions happen. Who could forget that cover worthy shot from Lyle Richmond of Shawn Baca’s Common Rail engine exploding and thrown 6-feet above the frame rails from a couple years back?

An all new chassis dyno record by Chris Patterson from Unlimited Diesel. Traveling all the way to Utah from his home in Texas, determined to silence the naysayers the big green dually ripped off a 3401-horsepower pull.

With all the hype and excitement through the years, the 2022 event did not disappoint either after Chris Patterson of Unrivaled Diesel brought his dually Dodge out to play for the day smashing the previous chassis dyno records and surpassing that 3400-horsepower mark. You read that correctly, the new diesel record occurred mid-afternoon when the green beast proved once and for all it was a contender in any arena laying down an astonishing 34701hp/4500ft-lbs of torque in front of hundreds in attendance. No smoke and mirrors, just solid gut wrenching, frame twisting diesel horsepower through a set of dual tires on the rollers at 4300-ft elevation. It was a sight to see and even more incredibly watch come back down off the dyno without rods hanging out the side of the block or turbo pieces raining from the skies.

Vendor row and the show and shine areas were covered in truck builds of all kinds, from SEMA worthy show trucks to old school 1st Gens, to fully built 2000hp competition rigs. There was a little bit of everything for spectators.

Edge paid out over $5000 in prize money for dyno competitors and had really sweet custom plasma cut steel plaques that had been powder coated for the first place winners in each respective class. Show and shine entries were split into Best Ford, Ram, GM and Best of Show with each getting winner getting bragging rights and an Insight CTS3 to take home. Spectators enjoyed near perfect fall weather, with upper 60’s and lower 70’s throughout the day, with just an short ten minute light drizzly rain mixed in somewhere between. Onsite food trucks and food vendors were around throughout the day as well. With over 75 entries on the dyno (limited by time constraints at the fairgrounds) the NWDC rolled through the line of trucks with no major hiccups and sent most owners home extremely happy with their results.

Nothing says show truck like customized plasma cut grilles, right? Edge doesn’t just build their fleet trucks for show however, with thousands of hours in engineering and developing their calibrations and tuning devices their trucks are used for just about everything.

In previous years, Weekend on the Edge has also involved a sled pull event, which unfortunately had to be canceled for this years event due to scheduling conflicts with venue, but they fully anticipate bringing that portion of the event back for 2023. Overall, Weekend on the Edge continues on with it’s legacy as being one of the best diesel shows of the year, that we continue to look forward to attending into the future. If you ever find yourself around the Utah area in mid-September this is one you should put on the bucket list.

To eliminate the long line of trucks waiting their turn on the rollers, the Edge crew tried to stick to a registration number format, keeping just two to three trucks on deck at all times. This allowed spectators and competitors more time to wander around the show and spend time watching, not just waiting out in line, away from the action.
The Northwest Dyno Circuit portable dyno has been used at Weekend on the Edge for quite a few years now and seems to offer pretty consistent and accurate results, sending most competitors home happy with their results and no one second guessing if its legit or not.
The show and shine contest had over thirty trucks entered and this super clean dually build entered by Travis Cherry of the local 4×4 shop, Allpro Automotive would be worthy of a best in show trophy just about anywhere it’s shown off.
You couldn’t have asked for better weather for a truck event, starting off mild in the mid 60’s, a real quick 10 minute drizzle of rain and right back to the mid 70’s to finish out the day. Trucks, sunshine, good food and friends. That’s what a diesel event should be all about.
A local favorite, Randy Reyes had his ever so popular Red Delicious truck out for some fun. After pulling an all night thrash session at Industrial Injection to quickly rebuild the engine that had tossed a main bearing testing the night before, the crew was able to throw down a nasty 2300hp fuel only number.
At first glance, you’d think that massive Garrett turbocharger on Red Delicious would be enough to to get any job done, but when you dig a little deeper and find it’s just one of three turbos under the hood, you know this one is in it for more than just a little dyno fun. It’s here to crush some records.
From the boys at Interstate Diesel this uniquely wrapped orange chrome Duramax was looking to shoot for the moon horsepower wise, but unfortunately it was the turbochargers internal that went into orbit after what we’d classify as a catastrophic failure happened mid pull.
We’re not sure how much boost he was throwing at it, but it appears it was a couple pounds too many. Wiping out both turbochargers in one run made for an expensive repair bill, but the stories you’ll tell about it for years are priceless.
As a past supporter and vendor of the WOTE event, Daily Driven Diesel made the trip down from southeast Idaho to not only offer great deals on products, but to show of a couple of their truck builds and snap some killer photos of the event. Lyle and wife Sadee are great people on both a personal and professional level and spending time with folks like this is what these events are all about.

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