Diesel News 5-27-19

Truck of the Week

508 HP 2019 Ram 3500

Only at Firepunk Diesel will you: 1) see the crew pick up their all-new, high output 6.7L Cummins-powered ’19 Ram 3500 from the local dealership as soon as one becomes available, 2) throw American Forces on it, and 3) find out what it can do on the dyno—all in the same week. So what do the new 1,000 lb-ft Rams send to the rear wheels in stock form? According to Firepunk, 392 hp and 896 lb-ft. With the high output ’19 models just now starting to leave dealer lots, obviously no aftermarket power adders are available yet…with the exception of nitrous. So after digging into the factory airbox, the guys at Firepunk naturally ghetto fogged the brand-new Cummins to the tune of 508 hp and 1,100 lb-ft.
Source: Firepunk Diesel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4fPLXlro7Y&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3HRX4_IGzzP_xpXML4PFO3kav2UWGOawZ-c1HlxPLVhs8rbWFwdEPhMTU




One Lucky Applicant Gets to Race It

As a way to help promote its first Outlaw Diesel Super Series event, Outlaw Diesel Revenge (and also because they’re fresh out of available drivers), the folks at Firepunk Diesel are tossing the keys of their ’19 Ram 3500 to a qualified drag racer to run the ET Bracket class. Candidates were told to add their racing resume in the comments section of the Facebook post that offered up the gig. With Firepunk’s race team known to compete and often win several different classes at virtually any given event, there may be more vetting involved in this offer than meets the eye. Either way, look for a brand-spanking-new Ram 3500 to go rounds this weekend in Xenia, Ohio.
Source: Firepunk Diesel


11-Second Family Truckster

After 2,200 break-in miles, it was time for Wayne Yates of Stroke Works Diesel Specialties to put his wife’s 6.4L-powered ’08 Excursion through the quarter-mile. The built engine’d, 8,700-pound behemoth didn’t disappoint, either, going 12.4’s at 108 mph right out of the gate. Then the nitrous bottle was turned on and the family hauler went 11.34 at 122 mph. Following the 11.3-second pass, Wayne was promptly kicked off the track for the SUV’s lack of a roll bar and 5-point safety belts. At least we know Wayne’s kids will never be late for soccer practice!
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N00j5IP5rUY&feature=share


NV4500 Swap On the Cheap

In what was perhaps the deal of the week, the folks at LinCo Diesel Performance offered up an NV4500 five-speed and everything required to swap it into a second-gen Dodge for just $3,450. The all-inclusive package came with a 98,000-mile transmission, Dirty Hooker Diesel transfer case, a new clutch, hydros, pedals, shifter, and a gauge cluster. As the guys at LinCo stated themselves, you just don’t see NV4500’s with so few miles on the clock anymore. Even better, the old-school five-speed came out of a bone-stock truck.
Source: LINK



No BS OBS Event

If you’re into old body style Fords, there’s an event taking place this summer that will have you feeling right at home. Coined the No BS OBS Truck Show, it’s being held at Crabtree Auto Repair in Albany, Oregon on June 22. With over 200 ’80-’97 F-series and Broncos already pre-registered, it will be one of the largest dedicated gatherings ever put together for these trucks. In addition to the truck show itself, admission is free, a swap meet is being held, and more than $5,000 in raffle prizes will be up for grabs.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/2303869459885368/