Pass Of The Week

Hollyrock Custom’s Duramax Rail Goes 3’s

This just in: another diesel is in the 3’s—and it’s a Duramax. Mattie Graves drove the Hollyrock Customs twin-turbo Duramax-powered rail through the eighth-mile in 3.96 seconds. This not only makes her the quickest woman in diesel, but the quickest driver in diesel. Mattie’s 3.96-second blast came after she cut a 1.032-second 60-foot and blew past the ‘330 mark in less than 2.7 seconds. The rail trapped 187.5 mph on the trip, too. While this new record may have seemingly come out of nowhere to some, Mattie and the Hollyrock team have been working feverishly to get the rail both consistent and faster. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the table in 2023.



Chris Patterson Sets Another Dyno Record

Between SEMA, the All Truck Challenge (KOS), Diesels In Dark Corners and No Prep Kings, the diesel world has been busy lately. We’ll start with Chris Patterson’s record-setting chassis dyno numbers at the All Truck Challenge. They don’t come any more die-hard than Chris, and when he lost the rear-end in his infamous green third-gen dually, he dyno’d his 3,000-plus horsepower Cummins in front-wheel drive. When the rollers stopped turning, he’d set what many believe to be a new front-wheel drive record of 2,449 hp and 3,470 lb-ft—but it didn’t happen without a bit of fireworks. During the pull, the back of the block blew apart, triggering Chris’s fire suppression system, which thankfully proved highly effective. For reference, this was the same Cummins that made 3,401-rwhp and 4,556 lb-ft at Weekend on the Edge.





Ben Shadday Hits No Prep Kings

It’s a fact that diesel drag racing is a niche sport, as is evident any time a purpose-built diesel shows up at a mainstream event. The latter scenario was on full display recently at the No Prep Kings race in Ennis, Texas. Ben Shadday hauled his split-window Pro Mod Corvette down to the Texas Motorplex to do battle with some of the quickest door-slammers in the land. Ben didn’t take home the win, but he did advance to the second round of racing—and highlight what a diesel was capable of in the process. Without a doubt, it was great exposure for Shadday and his team, which includes the chassis experts at Hammertech Racecars and Wagler Competition Products.



Diesels In Dark Corners

When the weather begins to turn cold, truck pullers point their haulers south and head for Diesels In Dark Corners. 2022 marked the 12th running of the fall classic held in White Plains, Georgia—and many of the heavy hitters from the Midwest and east coast showed up to dig through the clay. Among the big names in attendance were Craig Dickey in Cummins Killer III, Haisley Machine’s Van Haisley, Jesse Warren’s 6.0L-powered Shark Bait, and Scheid Diesel’s Brady Ingram. Friday night, Brady moved the sled the furthest with an insane 386.81-foot distance (and with an equally impressive 38-mph ground speed). Other classes included 2.6 smooth bore, Limited Pro Stock, Pro Stock, 8,500-pound Pro Farm tractors, 4.1 Hot Street Semis, and Light Pro tractors.



SEMA Show 2022

This year’s SEMA Show is in the books, and to say it was eventful would be an understatement. Some 1,900 exhibitors and nearly 65,000 buyers populated the Las Vegas Convention Center halls this year. Between the vehicle debuts from major automakers, product debuts from aftermarket companies, hundreds of custom vehicle builds, interactive experiences and demonstrations, and celebrity appearances it’s virtually impossible to see everything at America’s biggest automotive trade show. This is why we brought our content team to Vegas to capture it all for you. Tune in to our social media channels for video and photography highlighting the 4-day extravaganza.





New 68RFE Record

And the records just keep on piling up this week… This one revolves around the 68RFE and comes courtesy of Kendrick Byler and his fourth-gen Cummins. Following a 1.51-second 60-foot, his healthy, full-weight Ram covered the eighth-mile in 6.53 seconds, and at 108 mph. This makes it the quickest version of the Chrysler six-speed auto in existence. Perhaps more impressive is that Kendrick did it without full lockup until the end of the track. In case you were wondering, Kendrick built his 68RFE himself at his place of business, Ultramatic Diesel Performance, with a few tips and tricks from WP Developments making it into the race-ready slushbox.




OEM News

’23 Super Duty Orders Top 50,000 In 5 Days

You could say the ’23 Super Duty’s are selling like hot-cakes—or, at least they’re being ordered like it. Within just five days of opening up its order banks, Ford’s orders exceeded 50,000 units. It appears everyone wants a piece of the new 500hp, 1,200 lb-ft Power Stroke. The news comes on the heels of reports that it may take between 8 months and two years to receive a ’23 model (much of that depending on which trim and features you select). As for new vehicles in general, Ford’s retail orders are up 134-percent over ’22 model year orders, with ’23 model year orders totaling 255,000 so far.



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