Diesel News 02.04.19

Truck of the Week

Fummins Highboy Takes Over Facebook

Has this truck made it into your news feed yet? Some 275,000 viewers helped themselves to FordDaily’s Facebook page last week to see this Cummins-powered Highboy play in the snow, hit the chassis dyno, and watch a complete walk-around—and it’s about as clean as they come. The truck, a ’77 F-250 fitted with a ’79 grille, sports a 5.9L 12-valve, five-speed manual, and Dana 60 front axle—all robbed from a first-gen. The video of the old-school Fummins managed to engage its audience to the tune of nearly 800 comments and more than 4,300 shares.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/FordDailyShow/


Ready to Go Fast

Three-time Ultimate Callout Challenge competitor, Donavan Harris, has plans to go fast. Very fast. Faster than his four-wheel drive Ram goes at UCC. After recently earning his 6.50-second chassis certification, he plans to send this 3,600-pound, two-wheel drive second-gen down the track in a big hurry in 2019. The Pro Mod will sport a single turbo’d, common-rail Cummins, 48RE, and a Strange strut front end. Look for this Canadian-built fire-breather to make the rounds this season and give the growing Pro Mod an even bigger presence.
Source: http://armorinc.ca/

OEM News

2019 Ram 1500 Limited

Great White North

Per Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ February 1 report from the Great White North, Ram truck sales are up in Canada. In the first month of 2019, Ram Truck Brand disclosed that 5,880 sales had taken place, a 9-percent uptick from January, 2018. The majority of the vehicles moved were 1500’s, some 4,804 of them, which calculated to a 20-percent improvement from the year prior. If you’re keeping up with current OE news, you also know the Ram 1500 was named the North American Truck of the Year at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, where Ram also unveiled its redesigned 2019 heavy-duty’s and the 1,000 lb-ft Cummins. Without a doubt, times are good for Ram trucks right now.

Diesel VW’s Making a Comeback in Europe?

New Volkswagen diesels may be dead in North America right now, but (believe it or not) they’re still in high demand across the pond. After analyzing its 2018 sales data, VW determined that 43 percent of all models sold in Germany were oil burners, up from 39 percent the year before. Before the dieselgate scandal broke out in 2015, roughly 49 percent of German-sold Volkswagen’s were diesel. According to many experts, the long-range capability of diesels continues to be its primary attraction. On top of that, electric cars simply don’t have the range or the infrastructure to compete head-to-head with diesels at this point.

Parts Rack

Turnkey 4BT Project Finisher

Whether you’re looking to repower or finally finish that long-term project, Scheid Diesel has a turnkey 4BT Cummins solution for you. For unmatched reliability and performance, Scheid assembles its 4BT’s using a proven combination of parts that has worked for years. Mahle pistons, Scheid’s street cam, 60-pound valve springs, a reman’d cylinder head, and all Cummins bearings and gaskets highlight the hard-parts. For fuel and air, an A pump, 5×0.013 injectors, .093 fuel lines, and a 57mm S300 get the call. Scheid’s 4BT mills turn out an impressive 400 hp to boot.
Source: www.scheiddiesel.com

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