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BAE Systems’ Caiman: The Ultimate Armored Truck for Military & Defense

The Perfect Combo: Armor & Power

Whether you run a private defense firm or a nation’s military, having a fleet of strong multi-purpose trucks is crucial. A product of British defense firm, BAE Systems, the Caiman is an armored rig that can complete virtually any task placed on its desk. This truck has been used in the Iraq War (2008-2011), the Afghan War (2008-Present), the Yemeni Civil War (2015-Present), and the Libyan Civil War (2014-Present). The Caiman has multiple variants: the XM1220 Caiman 4×4, XM1230 Caiman Plus 4×4, and Caiman 6×6, each with their own improved capabilities.


The engine for this rig is the diesel Caterpillar C7/9, which is fuel-injected and aftercooled. This engine puts out just under 400HP at 2400rpm and 931lb-ft of torque at 1,440rpm.

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