Cutting-Edge Performance Upgrades: Fueling Power and Precision

Industrial injection XP 600 CP3 Pump

Engineered with a robust 14mm shaft, 9mm plungers, a high-flow gear pump, and hardened & DLC coated internals, this powerhouse is set to redefine industry standards. Industrial Injection’s XP 600 CP3 pump flows over 600 LP/H at 5,550rpm with a MSRP starting at $4,400.

Industrial Injection


Wehrli Custom Fab’s L5P auxiliary coolant tank for 2020-2024 Duramax models mounts in the OEM location, and is a quick way to get rid of the ugly factory plastic coolant reservoir. This custom powdercoated tank includes a black anodized CNC-machined billet cap and all necessary mounting hardware.

Wehrli Custom Fab

Banks PedalMonster

PedalMonster is the only OBD-connected throttle sensitivity controller for gas and diesel vehicles. It’s tuned to eliminate factory throttle delay, instantly making your vehicle more fun to drive. Designed and manufactured in California, Banks’ patented PedalMonster fixes dangerous flaws found in every other throttle controller.


Power Driven Diesel Deep Transmission Pan

This deep transmission pan adds approximately 4 quarts of capacity and fits Dodge diesel automatic transmissions from 1989 thru 2007. This pan also features a large hex head magnetic bolt for the drain plug, ensuring a leak free fitment. Pans are pre-tapped and plugged with both 1/4-and 1/8-inchNPT threads, which are the most common transmission pan temperature sensor sizes.

Power Driven Diesel


Riffraff Diesel’s 100% USA-made Max-Flow 4-line fuel feed kit lets you delete your factory fuel bowl for maximum fuel delivery to your rails feeding the injectors. As an industry first, Riffraff machines the fuel block from a single block of 6061 aluminum, incorporating the line connections for 100% leak-free operation. The kit includes stainless braided lines, mounting hardware, and fuel block for installation in the engine valley. Choose from multiple anodized colors.

RiffRaff Diesel

FASS Fuel Systems Diesel Fuel Sump Kit 

Installing a FASS Fuel System has never been easier! FASS’ all-new return style fuel tank sump kit only requires a single hole to be drilled into the fuel tank, and includes a ½-inch NPT return port—allowing you to plumb the FASS return line right to the fuel tank sump.

This return style fuel tank sump kit also places the ½-inch      NPT suction port at the lowest point in the fuel tank, ensuring unrestricted fuel flow to the FASS system. Last but not least, the extra-large bowl acts as a reservoir—creating a consistent supply of fuel to the FASS system when running close to empty, or under heavy braking and acceleration.

FASS Fuel Systems


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