Bucket List Build

A Linked & Lifted, 600-Horse ’14 F-250

Steve Romans was never the flashy truck type. That is until his friends at CenTex Diesel asked him if he wanted to be part of a SEMA build. “SEMA was a bucket list kind of thing for me,” he told us, and that it’s something you don’t just “pass up.” Almost as soon as the ink dried at the dealership, Romans drove his new Super Duty over to CenTex Diesel’s New Braunfels, Texas, facility, where the project got underway.

Turbo Swap

Thanks to how well the 6.7L Power Stroke responds to simple bolt-ons, the truck’s performance recipe was kept simple. In fact, the most extensive work under the hood entailed replacing the restrictive factory Garrett GT32 SST with a 63mm S300 courtesy of Industrial Injection’s 6.7L single turbo kit. CenTex Diesel would bend a custom, 5-inch-diameter exhaust system to hook onto the S363’s downpipe, while an S&B cold-air intake and cold-side intercooler pipe upgrade kit from H&S Motorsports rounded out the changes on the intake side.

Bolt-On Fuel Mods

To support the added injection duration commanded by custom PPEI tuning, both the high-pressure and low-pressure fuel systems were upgraded. A dual high-pressure fuel kit from H&S Motorsports that adds a belt-driven CP3 on top of the factory CP4.2 was called on to maintain rail pressure. To guarantee both injection pumps receive a steady supply of diesel, a 125gph FASS system was installed as well.
Suspension & Steering
With help from Precision Metal Fab (PMF) and King Shocks, the Super Duty was sent skyward and its off-road capability was substantially enhanced. A PMF long-travel three-link system replaced the truck’s factory radius arms and a triangulated four-link with trailing arms exists out back. To avoid the use of drop brackets, a mid-ship cross member cradle is utilized. King 3.0 Pure Race Series bypass-style coilover shocks provide enough lift to clear a set of 40-inch mud terrains while also offering superb ride quality.

The first step in uncorking the hidden power potential of Steve Romans’s ’14 6.7L Power Stroke was ridding it of the factory dual compressor wheel Garrett GT32 SST. An all-inclusive single turbo kit from Industrial Injection mounts a fixed-geometry, 63mm, T4 flange, BorgWarner-based S300 in place of the stock variable-geometry charger. Under full load the 63mm Viper (as Industrial refers to it) produces 40 psi of boost and spools almost as quickly as the VGT it replaced.
To command longer injector duration (to make power), yet not drain the rails, a dual high-pressure fuel kit from H&S Motorsports was installed. The twin pump system adds a brand-new, belt-driven Bosch CP3 to the equation, which shares the workload of producing rail pressure with the factory Bosch CP4.2 in the valley. The fuel filter conversion portion of the H&S dual pump system is shown here.
To keep the high-pressure injection pumps happy, a Titanium Series low-pressure fuel supply system from FASS was installed. The compact aftermarket fuel system filters everything down to 3 microns and features a quiet lift pump that flows 125 gph at 55 psi.


Bombproof Axles & 40s on 24s

Although the factory Dana 60 and rear 10.5 axles were deemed sufficient internally to handle the truck’s 600 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of grunt, they received the equivalent of armor plating externally. To protect the Sterling, PMF supplied one of its modular truss systems, along with a heavy-duty differential cover. The Dana 60 up front would be graced with PMF’s weld-on axle trusses. After the ends of each axle were equipped with 16-inch drilled and slotted Wilwood rotors, the truck’s massive rolling stock was bolted in place—a set of 40×15.50R24 Toyo Open Country M/Ts mounted on 24×16 American Force Honors.

Despite the fact that Romans has since moved on from his king-sized Super Duty, he won’t soon forget how fun it was to drive. In particular he was impressed with how well the 6.7L Power Stroke responded to the few simple power-adders it received. “For being so heavy [and not really having a ton of go-fast parts on it], it hauled ass,” he says. “And off-road, the truck would completely flex out, with the rear axle nearly going all the way up into the bed.”

While some might consider the build a little over-the-top, it’s projects like this that prove anything is possible with the right aftermarket companies involved. You can have a 9,000-pound behemoth perform like a hot-rod on the street, or traverse virtually any type of terrain you come across. It’s the ultimate in versatility.

Because the truck’s wild suspension system offers so much travel (the rear axle can almost touch the underside of the bed at full flex), the factory fuel tank had to be ditched. Its replacement is this Precision Metal Fab (PMF) 36-gallon fuel cell that mounts in place of the spare tire. Made from 1/8-inch 6061 T6 aluminum and precision TIG-welded, the fuel cell sits in a cradle that incorporates a 3/16-inch bottom skid plate and 1/8-inch formed steel sides.
While the 6R140 TorqShift is known for handling 600 rwhp and 1,200 lb-ft just fine, with big wheels and tires in the mix nothing should be left to chance. So the brand-new transmission was yanked and shipped to ATS Diesel for a full performance rebuild. While under ATS’s care, the TorqShift would receive upgraded frictions and steels throughout, a heavy-duty intermediate sprag, a five-star converter and one of the company’s deep pans.
Scrapping the truck’s factory suspension, a PMF long-travel three-link system is employed up front, while PMF also fabricated the triangulated four-link with trailing arms for the rear. There are no dreaded drop brackets to speak of either, as both the front and rear suspension systems connect to a PMF mid-ship cross member cradle.
A King 3.0 Pure Race Series bypass-style coilover shock can be found at each corner, and is the reason for the truck’s 14-plus inches of lift up front. PMF limit straps with 3/16-inch laser-cut ends and stainless steel anti-friction guides ensure the coilovers never become over-extended.
Aggressive in appearance and performance, the 40×15.50R24 Toyo Open Country M/Ts aboard the F-250 are mounted to 24×16-inch 6061 forged-aluminum Honor wheels from American Force. For ultimate strength, the halves of each two-piece wheel are held together via 30 ARP stainless steel M10 bolts.
It’s important to make sure that any lifted truck fitted with massive rolling stock can be brought to a halt effectively. Thanks to Wilwood’s Tactical Extreme big brake kits, Romans’s hefty Super Duty is almost as impressive stopping as it is getting up to speed. Mammoth-sized 16-inch drilled and slotted rotors are utilized, along with six-piston calipers and stainless brake lines.
Modular in design and indestructible by the looks of it, the PMF truss system that’s mounted to the 10.5 Sterling means business. The top section is built from ¼-inch steel, while the rear is fabbed from 3/16-inch material. The burly, precision-welded and CNC-drilled diff cover is made from heavy-duty 3/8-inch plate. A 4.30:1 ring and pinion is utilized to help get the big 40s moving.
Addicted Desert Design built both the front and rear bumpers. The company’s Dimple-R model is shown here, which is built from 0.120-inch wall steel tube and incorporates a pair of Rigid Industries Dually LEDs. Up front, one of ADD’s Stealth bumpers got the nod.
A cylinder assist steering kit from Performance Steering Components (PSC) was installed to keep steering inputs both effortless and precise, while also reducing the load the 40-inch tires and 24-inch wheels place on the gearbox. The aftermarket system entails a modified factory steering gear and an added steering cylinder. Also notice the weld-on PMF axle truss on the Dana 60.
Although the truck wears the same Blue Jeans Metallic it left the factory with, it’s been repainted. When the front and rear fiberglass fenders from FiberWorx went on, all body parts were taken down to bare metal and redone, primarily to make sure no orange peel would be present on the finished product.
[divider] SPECIFICATIONS [/divider]

2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat

Owner: Steve Romans
Hometown: Lake Jackson, Texas
Engine: 6.7L Power Stroke
Fuel: H&S Motorsports dual high-pressure fuel kit, FASS Titanium Series 125gph fuel system, Precision Metal Fab (PMF) 36-gallon fuel cell
Air: Industrial Injection single turbo kit with 63mm Viper S300, S&B Filters
cold-air intake, H&S Motorsports cold-side intercooler pipe upgrade kit
Exhaust: Custom-built, turbo-back, 5-inch system from CenTex Diesel
Electronics: PPEI tuning via Maxx Calibration Control software
Transmission: ATS Diesel 6R140 with five-star torque converter, upgraded internals, deep pan
Horsepower: 600 rwhp (est.)
Torque: 1,200 lb-ft (est.)
Tires: Toyo Open Country M/T, 40×15.50R24
Wheels: American Force Honor, two-piece, forged-aluminum, 24×16
Suspension/Steering: PMF long-travel three-link system (front), triangulated four-link with trailing arms (rear) and cross member cradle, King 3.0 Pure Race Series bypass-style coilover shocks, PMF limit straps
Axles: PMF rear axle truss and diff cover, front axle truss, 4.30:1 ring and pinion, PCS cylinder assist steering kit, Wilwood Engineering big brake kit (front and rear)
Body/Cosmetics: FiberWorx fiberglass fenders (front and rear), Royalty Core RC2X grille, Addicted Desert Design bumpers (front and rear), Amp Research PowerSteps

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