Truck of the Week


Scheid Diesel’s wild 3,000-hp Puller


PPL Champion Crowned

It’s hard enough to win a single event in the ultra-competitive Super Stock Diesel class, but the real struggle is crowning an overall winner after more than two dozen events. The Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League has a points chase much like other forms of motorsports, and they crown winners in a wide variety of pulling classes. The top dog in this year’s Super Stock class was…….Kent Crowder driving the Scheid Diesel entry! Congrats to all involved in such a herculean effort, and we look forward to seeing the truck out for the 2018 season!





More Emissions News


Ram Ecodiesel Case Set Up for Dismissal

VW got clobbered with a big ol emissions hammer for tampering with their rides’ programming, and the witch hunt then continued to Fiat and Ram, with allegations that the ’14-’16 Ram Ecodiesels didn’t meet emissions regulations properly. It looks like as we progress into 2018, the new 1500’s will have a “fix” that will please everyone. No word yet on exactly what that will be.




The Explosion that Broke the Internet


If Parts Aren’t Flyin’ You’re Not Tryin’!

With over 2 million views in just a couple days, the enormous dyno explosion featuring Firepunk Diesel’s Pro Street engine has went legitimately viral all over the Internet. Although many folks have cringed and publicly voiced that such an occurrence was a “waste of money,” we’d like to remind everyone that there is no progress without first pushing the envelope. Obviously the team didn’t mean for it to happen, but the bright side is that this engine’s disintegration will lead to stronger engines in the future! Builder D&J Precision Machine already has an aluminum Cummins block being built that should rectify the “engine delete” issue. If you haven’t seen this truly epic engine explosion head to our Facebook page and take a look, it’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, trust us.

LINK: @DieselWorldMag FB 




ODSS Shakes Things Up


5.90 Class Introduced

The 2018 season will see the start of a new drag racing class for the Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS for short). With a number of high 5/low 6 second (eighth-mile) Pro Street trucks dropping into the slower 6.70 class, the ODSS has decided that a 5.90 Index class is the way to go for 2018. This means these lightweight rides can still run up to (or near) their full potential, without having to slow way down for the 6.70 class. Of course Pro Street and 6.70 will still be part of the program, as will the 7.70 index and Bracket classes.




Bad News for Duramax Tuners


The New L5P Engine Might be Too Hard to Crack

Various mutterings about the L5P engine being “hard to tune” looks now to be proven, and “hard” is an understatement–it might very well prove to be impossible. The new computer that GM uses to run the engine is protected by a SHA-256 security system, which was actually developed by the NSA about a decade ago. Variations of this system are used to guard literally trillions of dollars around the World, and now it’s guarding the computer on the new GMs. More info to come on this one, but for now it looks like GM “tuners” might very well stop with the 2017 model year.





Christmas Is Coming!


Hope you Bought Well on Black Friday

It seems like yesterday it was just Thanksgiving, but now it’s the 3rd of December, which means you better get in gear and start buying diesel gifts for your loved ones (or yourself). Believe us, there’s no better present than something you can see on your truck (or car) every day you jump in it. If you don’t think we’re telling the truth, go ahead and buy some diesel presents for us. We’ll post Instagram photos of just how happy we are.




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