Mack MD Electric Medium Duty Truck
Mack MD Electric Medium Duty Truck

Mack Enters The Medium-Duty Battery Electric Game

According to Autoweek, Mack Trucks unveiled its first medium-duty electric truck, the MD Electric. Billed as an alternative to the manufacturer’s diesel MD variant, the MD Electric can be had with either 150-kWh or 240-kWh battery options, powering a single rear motor that’s good for 260 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque.

Depending on which battery package the customer selects, the MD Electric is expected to have a range between 140 and 230 miles. So will Mack’s all-new electric truck be a game changer or another EV flop? And just in case you forgot, this isn’t Mack’s first entry in the electric game, the company has already released its LR Electric garbage truck back in 2021.


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