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800HP First-Gen

Some of the most unique trucks you’ll come across roll through the shop at Truck Source Diesel. And one common theme with them is that they always make big power. This first-gen dually has been common-rail converted, cranks out 800 hp (which we’re sure is dyno-verified on TSD’s rollers), and looks like a million bucks under the hood. Its simple yet effective power combination consists of a single BorgWarner S467, a 10mm stroker CP3, and 60-percent over injectors. Just another wildly unique, high-caliber yet under-the-radar dream truck built at TSD…

Source: https://trucksourcediesel.com/



It Can Still Be Done

As proof that the age-old, 500hp tune-only Duramax can make any GM a blast to drive, we bring you Andrew Stonebreaker’s simple build. Thanks to an Inglewood-built Allison 1000 and a FASS system, a nasty tune brings a dyno-verified 506-rwhp to the table—and it does it without starving the engine for fuel or limping the transmission. But the best part is that 320,000 miles have been racked up on the LBZ under the hood. A stock turbo, S&B intake, and a downpipe-back exhaust system round out the mods list, along with Maximum Diesels having a big hand in the fun, 500hp daily.

Source: https://www.maximumdiesels.com/


Always Call A Buddy…

When your 8,000 to 10,000-pound truck is stuck in mud, snow, or sand, never resort to rocking the truck back and forth and shock-loading the transmission to get free. A bit of reverse back to drive under full power literally exploded the large metal pieces inside the 68RFE in this late-model Ram. Without a doubt, a hard-earned lesson was learned in this mishap, which left Coffman Customs picking up the pieces and making the truck whole again. And while the 68RFE has already been rebuilt (with better parts, we might add), it’s worth reminding every diesel enthusiast that no internal hard parts can withstand the kind of violent shock load that comes with “D” to “R” gear changes under full power.

Source: https://coffmancustoms.com/




Midwest Winter Nationals

It’s cold outside, which means it’s time for truck and tractor pullers to bring the action indoors. First on the schedule? The 2023 Midwest Winter Nationals. Things kick off on January 12 at the MEC (Michiana Event Center) in Shipshewana, Indiana and classes range from 1,950-pound mini rods to 12,000-pound Farm Stock tractors. The Limited Pro Stock Diesel Trucks (3.0 smooth bore) will get a turn on Saturday afternoon (January 14), with the Pro Stock Diesel Trucks (3.6 smooth bore) hitting the dirt that evening. The IH 1466 shown under the knife here belongs to the Gallitz’s Pulling Team and will be in attendance.

Source: http://www.whatssmokin.net/




Ford Wins The Award For Most Recalls In 2022

It’s not the kind of notoriety an automaker wants, but for 2022 Ford Motor Company took the cake in total number of recalls. The grand total of 67 issued recalls (one every 5.4 days on average) dwarfed number 2 on the list, which was Volkswagen with a total of 45. Ford’s recalls are believed to have affected 8.63 million vehicles. By comparison, VW’s recalls affected just over 1 million vehicles. Right behind VW was FCA/Stellantis with 38 recalls, followed by Mercedes-Benz’s 33, and then General Motor’s 32. So who won the award for least amount of recalls in 2022? That would be Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Mazda, and Polestar—all tied with just one.

Source: https://www.autoblog.com/2022/12/29/most-recalls-by-car-manufacturer-2022/?mibextid=Zxz2cZ&guccounter=1


In This Edition Of EV News…

We find an article from CleanTechnica that calls attention to the fact that some of Electrify America’s charging stations are failing in the cold. According to Out Of Spec, testing conducted during the recent cold-spell that swept across the country showed that BTC Power stations quit working around 0 degrees F. The next day, at 34 degrees F, they were back online, leading testers wondering exactly what temperature between 34 and 0 degrees is the failure point. In comparison, charging stations manufactured by SK Signet seem to have no issues operating in frigid temperatures.

Source: https://cleantechnica.com/2022/12/25/why-are-some-of-electrify-americas-stations-failing-in-the-cold/?fbclid=IwAR0vjVPNH4MyTTCciGE3TGV_0i6jOqCSidIu5kysT23EUPtaipIzy6BIoIk


Wanna Go Fast For Cheap?


Keep your eyes peeled this offseason. A boatload of ready-to-race diesel rollers are up for grabs. This one, listed by Bodie Armstrong, attracted our attention based off of how the ad was written. It makes the point that you could drop a bone stock 5.9L in the chassis and run 6.70 Index literally for years with no issues (roughly 800 hp). Then it mentions 1,100 hp will get you to the 5.90 mark. Either way, the truck is ready for a powertrain and some track time. Highlights include an 8.50 cage certification, tuned AFCO coil overs, a front-adjustable four-link, Lexan windows, a mid-plate with bellhousing adapter and much more.

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