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The Countdown For Ultimate Callout Challenge Is Just About Over

It’s U.C.C. prep week, and that means competitors are on the road…and thrashing to make roll call in Indy. Brett Marcum has been on the road rounding up parts for his Cummins, having shown up at Wagler Competition Products two weeks before the big show to collect his billet-aluminum cylinder head. Marcum then proceeded to beat feet and head directly back to Iowa-based Hardknocks Diesel to get the lightweight, high-flow piece of hardware installed first thing Sunday morning. The best part is that Marcum’s story is not an outlier. There are a dozen teams traversing the country collecting parts in the weeks and months leading up to U.C.C..

Can’t make the event? Diesel World is the exclusive Live Stream provider for Ultimate Callout Challenge 2022. Be sure to check it out LIVE on our Facebook page starting this Friday. Huge thanks to Shell Rotella for being the Presented by Sponsor this year.





More U.C.C. Prep – The Time Has Come…For The Stainless Diesel Pro Mod To Hit The Track

The Stainless Diesel camp be unveiling its completed split-window Corvette at U.C.C., and it’s the Pro Mod we’ve all been waiting to see. Under construction for more than a year, the HammerTech Racecars-built, S&S fueled, Hot Shot’s Secret oiled, and Wagler-powered ‘Vette will make its first test whacks this weekend. The guys at Stainless aren’t shooting for the moon right out of the box, though. They are adamant that a few burnouts, 60-foot hits, and maybe some 330’s are all that’s on the docket for the car’s debut. But, soon we expect this hot-rod to be gunning for 3’s in the eighth…

Source: https://www.stainlessdiesel.com/


The World’s Nastiest Nitrous Backfire

Of all the teams that thrash to make it to the Ultimate Callout Challenge, it seems like KC Turbos’ Charlie Fish has it the worst. One year, his tow-rig and race trailer were rear-ended on I-40 while traveling to Indianapolis. This time, in practicing his launches and chipping away at his truck’s 60-foot times, a nitrous backfire caused considerable damage. We’re told the Kill Devil Diesel 6.0L Power Stroke under the hood is OK (along with the turbo), but the truck itself is going to need some help. When the intercooler exploded, the front clip suffered considerable damage, and the blast even shattered the Super Duty’s windshield! Let’s hope they can get it back together in time for U.C.C.

Source: https://kcturbos.com/




6.7L (PSD) OBS!

Joe Kasuboski’s old body style Ford certainly has come a long way since being 7.3L-powered. Even after adding a host of go-fast goodies to the original Power Stroke and swapping out the E4OD for a manual, he still wanted more. Now, having swapped a 6.7L Power Stroke and a six-speed 6R140 TorqShift into place, he is beyond satisfied. According to Joe, he even swapped out the O.G. dash in favor of an ’11-plus replacement. A Stage 1 KC Whistler drop-in VGT is one of the powertrain’s few mods, but it’s likely the best driving OBS ever produced. Modern power and luxuries combined with classic OBS looks. You gotta love it!


Kubota-Powered Jr. Dragster

When the engine in your son’s Jr. dragster gives up the ghost and you’re unable to source a fresh powerplant due to the repercussions from the pandemic, what do you do? If you’re Jim Rose and you’ve got an old G4200 Kubota diesel lawn mower taking up space you improvise! Throughout the project, it was apparent the 2-cylinder Z482 Kubota diesel was never intended to fit in the tiny ’99 Spitzer Jr. chassis, but somehow Jim finagled it into place—and then for good measure he added a turbo. He and his driver are looking for 11.90s to start, but will likely pursue quicker E.T.’s once the bugs have been worked out.

Source: https://rosewooddieselshop.com/



Scary Moment On The Engine Dyno

There is always something intense happening at Wagler Competition Products. Whether it’s over at Wagler Motorsports Park or at home base in Odon, Indiana, these folks are constantly busy building and testing horsepower. At this particular dyno session, owner Jeremy Wagler was thankful he went with 2-inch thick bulletproof glass in the dyno cell… The violent, water-to-air intercooler explosion has transformed Jeremy into a vocal advocate for safety blanketd if one of these babies is riding with you in the cab. No word on what kind of power the Cummins was turning out, or what boost pressure was when the intercooler failed catastrophically.

Source: https://waglercompetition.com/


No Way…Is This Real Life?

Is this real life? How many recovery vehicles can you put in the water? We have no idea where this happened over in Europe, but it’s the ultimate fail. It started with a passenger car recovery job tipping over a single rear axle recovery truck with a crane, and then that truck essentially pulling a second, dual axle recovery vehicle into the water also (this green one would fall into the drink, too). Finally, a big boy crane showed up on scene, but not until three vehicles were floating in the bay—and a lot of folks standing around scratching their heads.

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