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Rocky Top Diesel Shootout

Crossville Dragway was a hopping place over the weekend as the Outlaw Diesel Super Series invaded the Tennessee facility’s eighth-mile drag strip. In Pro Street, Stainless Diesel’s Johnny Gilbert took the win and regained the season points lead while Paul Cato made his presence known with a blazing 5.07-second pass at 138 mph. In the Pro Mod category, it was Larson Miller and the Firepunk Diesel/Hot Shot’s Secret S10 taking the W—along with running a new personal best on big tires (a 4.18 at 184 mph). Firepunk stole the show in 6.70 Index as well, while Ken Phillips defended his ET Bracket win from last year behind the wheel of his ultra-consistent third-gen Dodge.

Source: https://www.outlawdieselss.com/






As proof that the Duramax can still hack it in the Cummins-dominated Limited Pro Stock pulling class, Colbi Seth and his hard-running Chevy took a wild ride on Saturday night. After making a few adjustments following a Third Place hook the night before, Colbi turned in a monster, 323.94-foot effort. In the process, he beat Jason Wayman’s formidable Megatron by nine feet, which is a feat all on its own. His S&S and Wagler-backed Bow Tie, coined Sketchy Hooker, sits in Second Place currently within PPL’s Champion Seed Western Series standings.

Source: https://propulling.com/



Coming Soon…Billet 6.0L Crankcase

Always pushing the limits of the 6.0L Power Stroke platform, Jesse Warren is now officially ready for a billet block. During the most recent hook of his infamous Shark Bait Super Stock sled puller, Jesse lost another crankcase—this one being the sleeved down 6.4L block he’d been campaigning while a billet block program was finalized. Well, now there is no other alternative than to wait for the billet 6.0 block, which we’re told will be ready in three to four weeks. Once that happens, look for Jesse to discover the full potential of what his HEUI injectors are capable of, along with the massive Wimer turbochargers he runs.

Source: https://www.warrendiesel.com/



Throwback 7.3L Build

If you miss the look and feel of the way trucks used to be built, Jelibuilt Performance has you covered with this one. It’s a standard cab OBS Ford sitting on boggers, and that’s not all. The 7.3L Power Stroke under the hood is graced with 275cc, 100-percent over nozzle hybrid injectors from Unlimited Diesel Performance, an Irate Diesel T4 turbo mounting system with an S468 and a Spearco intercooler. The heads are clamped to the block with ARP studs, the valvetrain is reinforced by way of beehive valve springs and Manton pushrods, and the axles were swapped in from an ’05 Super Duty.

Source: https://www.jelibuiltperformance.com/



DHD Goes 8’s

Everyone knew it was coming, it was just a matter of when. Before loading up and heading to Rocky Top Diesel Shootout, the guys at Dirty Hooker Diesel put their Pro Street Chevy through the quarter-mile while performing some eighth-mile testing at US 131 Motorsports Park. After letting out at the ‘660 mark, Tyler Burkhard coasted to an 8.55-second quarter-mile elapsed time, which begs the question as to just how fast the truck might be during a full pass through the 1320. Provided it doesn’t run out of gear, mid 7’s should be a no-brainer.

Source: https://dirtyhookerdiesel.com/



Fourth-Gen Fun Fact

It’s familiar territory for high-milers and hot-shotters, but did you know a fourth-gen Ram’s odometer will stop accumulating miles around the 1,000,000 kilometers mark? That’s right, somewhere between 621,000 and 647,000 miles your fourth-gen will stop counting. Rumor has it that the only fix is to have your Chrysler dealer officially reset the odometer, which entails a new gauge cluster along with a certificate sticker on the driver’s door. As you can imagine, that service isn’t free or cheap. Of course, you can continue to drive the truck without a functioning odometer, too.





Armed EPA Agents?

Diesel or gasoline, and in car, truck, SUV, and off-road segments, repair shops across the country have experienced surprise raids from armed federal agents over the past several years. In recent months, the EPA has stepped up its efforts with various surprise visits to automotive shops as part of the National Compliance Initiative, which targets the manufacture, sale, and installation of “defeat devices.” A representative from one of the companies impacted by the EPA’s raids even found himself asking why he and his staff were frisked upon arrival at their own property. Thankfully, the RPM Act is reported to be capable of curtailing these types of raids, and is currently making the rounds in Congress. Unfortunately, Congress hasn’t exactly made motorsports or automotive-related causes a high priority in recent years.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/epa-armed-agents-raids-car-105500071.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9sLmZhY2Vib29rLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAM-6FAv7ekNgTu4lr4wws77Ud7–Kyuzm-twpastJ_akaWEixDWJNd5_fTdnmCxf_XcxDqvqHtQsG–p2TEUBJbZvC_ePsB4jMv3kSq-VRmXsN-ZQrACBq5x8i1J4FH1Fno5nHSOgPOxNpWww-Jb1InJFOVtqeuKtR_RhiwLmvbk


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