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Championship Caliber

Ram 12-valve

It was a long season for Derek Amos and his crew at Amos Diesel Performance, but in the end he and his 12-valve Cummins earned the 2018 Limited Pro Stock class trophy within the Indiana Pulling League. Amos’ second-gen Dodge was built from the ground up at his Michigantown, Indiana location to meet the IPL’s rulebook, which follows the same guidelines as the Pro Pulling League’s Limited Pro Stock class does: 8,000-pound maximum weight, OEM steel frame and body, 3.0-inch smooth bore turbocharger, open driveline, and DOT tires.




Report: Don’t Blame Millennials, Distracted Driving is Ageless

Distracted Driving

An Ageless Issue

There’s no denying it, we’re all guilty of texting and driving from time to time. However, a new study conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Volvo Car USA revealed that distracted driving isn’t exclusive to Millennials. In fact, it suggests that Millennials and younger generations are actually less likely to do it than those born in the mid 1960’s to early ‘80s (i.e. Generation X). “Distracting driving is not unique to younger generations…it’s a problem we are seeing across generations demographics,” stated Jim Nichols of Volvo Car USA. Even more disturbing, a whopping 71-percent of Americans admit to using their phones while driving. Stay safe out there…





EU News

Proposed Lowering of European CO2 Targets

Another push to roll back stringent emission regulations is in the works, and this time it’s taking place in Europe. The European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) is calling for the rollback, namely on heavy-duty diesel applications. Its proposal states that manufacturers are committed to reducing CO2 levels, but not by the 15-percent number (by 2025) that was previously specified. Instead the ACEA believes a 7-percent reduction by 2025 is more realistic, along with a 16-percent reduction by 2030 (rather than a previously agreed to reduction of 30-percent). The European Parliament began discussing the proposed CO2 emissions regulations at the end of August.




Hoosier State Showdown

North Salem, Indiana

The 10th annual Hoosier State Showdown hosted by Fleece Performance Engineering took place over Labor Day weekend in North Salem, Indiana, where four truck classes and two tractor categories were run. A True Work Stock class was held for newcomers to the truck pulling sport, along with a 2.5 class (using Battle of the Bluegrass rules), a 2.6 smooth bore class (PPL rules) and a 3.0 smooth bore class adhering to Indiana Truck Pullers Association rules. Patrick Marler would drive the Midwest Diesel & Auto/Performance Calibrations Inc. truck—a 6.7L Power Stroke-powered ’11 F-350— to a strong, third place finish in the 2.6 smooth bore class.





Super Duty Puller

Over in central Illinois, the annual Delavan Fall Festival also took place over the Labor Day holiday weekend. In a near-dominant performance during the truck pull, Nick and Sean Christy’s ’09 F-350 would take second place in the 8,500-pound Work Stock category, and then claim third in the Open truck class. The Christy Pulling Team’s late model Super Duty is 6.4L-powered, sports a set of stock-appearing turbochargers, and was built on a shoestring budget. But despite the lack of dollars invested in the F-350, it’s a consistent front-runner in the greater central Illinois region.




Parts Rack


Warren Diesel

6.4L LPOP Gear

At elevated rpm (4,000+), the factory low-pressure oil pump gear on the 6.4L Power Stroke is known to check out in catastrophic fashion. No one knows this better than the folks at Warren Diesel Injection, a shop known for pushing the limits of the 6.0L and 6.4L Power Stroke platforms. After completing an extensive R&D process and placing them into production, Warren’s billet version of the 6.4L LPOP gear will soon be available for purchase. Retail price for the billet OEM replacement gear will be $625, along with free shipping.





Carbon Fiber Catch Can

Mishimoto’s all new, universal carbon fiber baffled catch can has just been released, and it’s chock full of innovative technology. For starters, its 3K twill weave carbon fiber construction reduces weight while improving cosmetic appeal. Its baffle blades are designed using computational fluid dynamics for improved air-oil separation. A high-flow filter adds an extra layer of protection while leaving PCV/CCV pressure in high-boost applications unaffected. A quarter-turn lid makes checking fluid levels a cinch, and a 7.4 fluid ounce capacity lengthens drain and service intervals indefinitely. Mishimoto’s catch can offers a nice, clean alternative for competition and highly-modified street trucks with their CCV systems having already been vented to atmosphere.

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