Weekend Recap 1.8.18 - Diesel World

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Tuned L5P

Has the 2018 Duramax been Cracked?

As some of you know, the L5P Duramax engine has a pretty much unbeatable protection for its computer, which has (so far) kept aftermarket tuners locked out. Word on the street though is that some innovative individuals found a work-around to get a little more horsepower and torque out of the engine. We’re not sure how they’re doing it yet, but an ECM swap with an aftermarket computer is a possibility. We’ll keep on this one.






Getting Light

More Diesel Dragsters than Ever on the Way

Drag racing is a balance of weight, power, and traction–so it’s not hard to see why it’s tough to beat a dragster. Basically an engine on wheels, diesel-powered dragsters are become more popular than ever, with a number of new entries in the field. So far the quickest and fastest is still the Scheid Diesel digger, but it will be exciting to see how these up and comers can do.


Synthetic Diesel Fuel


Is it Still Around?

A few years ago synthetic diesel fuels with very high cetane levels and low emissions were introduced, and the market got excited. The price however was not very exciting, and at nearly $10 a gallon, it kept everyone but hardcore racers away. In the last few years there’s been a resurgence in the technology however, and it looks like this sustainable diesel is poised to make a much cheaper comeback soon.


Diesel Performance in Thailand!


More Power than You’d Think

Diesel drag racing is perhaps even more popular in Thailand than it is here in the US, and we found this pretty cool walk-around video of one of their four-cylinder drag trucks getting warmed up. A single small turbo with nitrous and a manual transmission seems to be the rule over there, as small, lightweight hi-revving 1,000-hp engines are commonplace. Check it out.

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbc0IUEKxJM



Parts Rack


Stop Light

Harbor Freight LED Brake Light

Covering your receiver hitch opening keeps dirt out of your hitch box. Now you can add a third brake light at eye level for those little cars on the road. This light 2-inch receiver features a plug-in brake light that features 12 LEDs for improved visibility and uses a 4-pin slip fit plug that taps into the brake light circuit in your 4-pin trailer plug. A ½-inch-thick foam gasket keeps the housing snug in the receiver.




Be Cool

Diesel Conversion Specialists Cummins Swap Intercooler Kit

When you’ve got your new diesel swap engine in place, wired and nearly ready to go, it’s time to consider the intake plumbing. The last details include having tubes bent for the intercooler. Save the money on custom tube bending and order a pre-made set from Diesel Conversion Specialist. Intercooler tubing kits are complete with tubing, silicone boots and clamps, and are available for Cummins conversions in Ford trucks from the early ‘90s through 2008. The ’08 to current kits are under construction.