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Derek Rose Wins UCC

After back-to-back Second Place finishes in 2017 and 2018 (and having been one of the favorites heading into 2019), Derek Rose wrapped up his first Ultimate Callout Challenge victory over the weekend. Just as he’d done in years’ past, Rose became UCC’s new champion by performing consistently across the board. At the drag strip, he put up a 5.44-second pass through the eighth-mile (Seventh overall). Strapped to the rollers, his center drive Dodge laid down 2,503 hp and 3,783 lb-ft, and an incredible 6,286 combined number (First overall). Then finally, Rose was able to drag the sled 263 feet and change for a Fifth Place finish in the sled pull category. The big UCC win was both well deserved and a long-time coming for Mr. Rose and the DNR Customs team.


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Hard Luck & Resiliency from the DHD Camp

This years’ Ultimate Callout Challenge was full of ups and downs, especially for the Dirty Hooker Diesel Crew. After pulling off an impressive 5.62-second eighth-mile pass at 135 mph, the billet Duramax under the hood of their standard cab Silverado ran away on the dyno. Apparently the turbine wheel in one of the atmosphere chargers let go and blew through the charge pipe just above the intake manifold, cracked the left bank’s fuel rail while simultaneously breaking the crankcase breather. With two outside fuel sources feeding the engine at that point, the engine took off in a ball of fire on the rollers. Luckily, driver Mark Broviak was able to escape unscathed and the DHD team—perhaps the most determined bunch of folks at UCC 2019—was able to repair the truck in time for the sled pull event the next day.


More UCC Highlights

Other high marks from all the activity taking place at the Lucas Oil Raceway complex included 10 trucks in the 5’s through the eighth-mile and seven competitors clearing more than 2,000 hp on the rollers. The always impressive Jesse Warren was able to squeeze 1,910-rwhp and 2,209 lb-ft out of his 6.0L Power Stroke this year, and the infamous mechanical Cummins from the Power Driven Diesel camp took Third Place overall, thanks in large part to yet another strong performance in the sled pull. Noteworthy carnage on the dyno entailed Josh Scruggs’ Dodge blowing the camshaft out of the block, followed by one of the rowdiest nitrous backfires we’ve ever seen (or heard).


Save the Racks S10 Goes 4.25

If you were wondering why this ’02 Pro Mod Chevy S10 makes the news so often, it’s because it breaks records virtually every time it hits the track (and many times its own). Raising the bar once again, this time at the ODSS Quick 8 Shootout in Indianapolis, Firepunk Diesel’s Larson Miller piloted the Save the Racks S10 to a blazing 4.25 at 174 mph. We’re told the team is hell bent on reaching a 3.99 now. Also competing was Brett Deutsch and his freshly finished Pro Street ’69 Chevy C10. His all-new, Wagler-built Duramax helped him snag a 5.00 at 138 mph right off the trailer, followed by a 4.96 at 144 mph.



First Stock Duramax in the 5’s!

Buddy Callaway’s GMC Sierra is officially the first stock engine, stock turbo Duramax to break into the 5’s in the eighth-mile. Thanks to a stock LB7 turbo, 100-percent untouched internals, an Exergy Performance 12mm CP3, 200-percent over S&S Diesel Motorsport injectors, a FASS fuel system, and Danville Performance tuning, Callaway’s regular cab short bed went 5.94 at 115 mph through the ‘660. Somehow, some way, the factory IHI turbocharger is hanging tough under all the power being sent through it—but is also a big part of the reason why the truck cuts 1.3-second 60-foot times.


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