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Diesels In Dark Corners XI

If you’ve never been to Diesels In Dark Corners, you owe it to yourself to make it down to the White Plains, Georgia fall classic. Showing growth every year, 2021 proved to be a standing room only affair, with 2.6 smooth bore, Limited Pro Stock, Pro Stock, and Super Stock diesel trucks all providing entertainment. This time, they even had 4.1-inch Hot Street Semis on the docket. Part of the big competitor draw stemmed from the more than $40,000 in payouts that was up for grabs. Two nights of sled pulling action, a massive show ‘n shine, and a kiddie pedal tractor pull made Diesels In Dark Corners—arguably the biggest pull in the South—the place to be the weekend of November 5-6.

Source: https://libertytruckandtractorpull.com/home-page




Climate Change Gets A New [Tractor] Turbo

Well, they needed a bigger turbo, so why not run one of the best? Steve Royalty and the rest of the Climate Change Pro Mod team recently got on the Hart’s Diesel bandwagon to try out one of the most proven and vetted chargers on the market. Now the P-pumped, Scheid Diesel-built Cummins will benefit from a Hart’s 4.1-inch turbo. The 4.1-inch snail is king in the world of tractor pulling, and sports a billet, 8-blade compressor that measures 105mm at the inducer, along with a trick ball bearing center section. With this charger on board, look for the Royalty’s Dakota to make even more steam in 2022.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Climatechange937/?ref=page_internal



’69 Camaro Graced With A Nasty Duramax

A V-8 project at Firepunk? Say it ain’t so! Be on the lookout for a smokin’ hot Camaro making the rounds in the future. Firepunk Diesel’s top-notch fabricator, Cody Fisher, is in the midst of beautifying this engine bay. The goal (other than to look like a million bucks)? Create a clean, twin-turbo, 1,100 hp, Duramax-powered first-gen Camaro with a standalone Bosch ECU. The intercooler is a masterful piece from NCC Fab and Fisher’s welds are so pristine it’s a shame they may one day be covered with powder coating.

Source: https://shop.firepunk.com/



OEM News

Ford Truck Sales Up 25-Percent

Strong inventory has helped make Ford the nation’s top-selling automaker for the second straight month (September and October)—the last time that happened was 23 years ago. According to Ford, total pickup truck retail sales went up 25-percent over September, with F-series specifically seeing a jump of 14.2-percent. On top of that, Ford saw a third consecutive month with over 30-percent of retail sales coming by way of customer orders. Some 77,000 new orders were placed in October. Although overall truck sales are still down 8-percent from October of 2020, Ford seems to be leading the field when it comes to both sales and availability.

Source: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en.html




Attack Of The Battery-Electric Semitrucks

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded $199 million to fund 25 projects aimed at developing cleaner cars and trucks, especially long-haul Class 8 trucks powered by batteries and fuel cells (along with improving BEV charging infrastructure). A sizeable chunk of funding will support the third stage of the SuperTruck initiative, with the goal of electrifying freight trucking. A combined $127 million will be allotted to PACCAR, Volvo, Daimler, Ford, and General Motors to develop electric medium and heavy-duty trucks and freight system concepts in the push toward higher efficiency and zero GHG emissions.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2021/11doe.php



Drag Race Tech

Less Weight, More Nitrous

In the words of HammerTech Racecars: two 12-pound carbon fiber nitrous bottles weigh 40 pounds and carry 24 pounds of nitrous. Two 10-pound aluminum bottles weigh 48 pounds and only carry 20 pounds of nitrous… If you want to shave 8 pounds off of your race program and carry more nitrous at the same time, it’s time to make the switch to carbon fiber bottles. To make things easy, HammerTech makes its own bottle clamps. They secure dual 12-pound carbon fiber nitrous bottles, are made from 6061 aluminum right here in the USA, and come in anodized black.

Source: https://www.hammertechracecars.com/



Truck Pull Tech

Making The 20-145 Even Better

Meet the new billet pinion support for the Meritor/Rockwell 20-145, the “20-145” of course being the rear axle of choice in the upper tiers of truck pulling. Manufactured by Proformance Pros, the billet-aluminum pinion support weighs 15 pounds less than the OEM version, incorporates a driveshaft protection mounting ring, and the flange features three threaded jacking holes (used when removing the pinion support from the third-member housing). The billet piece fits the steel factory third-member (3200-L-1676) as well as aluminum versions (3200-M-1885 and/or 3200-L-1884). Proformance Pros’ billet pinion support retails for just under $650.

Source: https://www.proformancepros.com/




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