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2023 6.7L Power Stroke: 500 HP And 1,200 LB-FT

The numbers are in, and they’re big. Ford’s high output version of the 6.7L Power Stroke, the engine that will likely power most 2023 Super Duty’s, will pack 500 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque from the factory. And it’s not just best-in-class horsepower and torque within Ford’s crosshairs, but a properly-equipped ’23 F-450 Super Duty will also be able to tow 40,000 pounds via gooseneck. A similarly equipped truck will have 8,000-pound payload potential, too. Top conventional towing honors are also awarded to the F-450 for ‘23, with a properly spec’d crew cab being capable of bumper towing a whopping 30,000 pounds.

Source: https://newspressusa.com/publicReleaseView/74795/8509?token=UwcjWzMKTLb8fHdoPACw&email_encrypt=Y2FyZ3V5NDIxMUB5YWhvby5jb21FbWFpbEhhc2g=




But How Long Will It Take To Get A 500HP Super Duty?

Now for the sad news on Ford’s ’23 Super Duty’s. Immediately after the automaker started accepting orders for its new trucks, many owners received messages hinting at huge wait times. In some cases, buyers will have to wait as much as two years to receive their Super Duty. According to others, a wait period of at least eight months is expected. It appears supply chain issues (likely semiconductor chips) will continue to plague Ford into the foreseeable future. Our best advice? Lock in a price (and an interest) rate with your dealer right now if you have to have a ‘23. News like this won’t do anything to improve the wild prices we’re seeing in the used diesel truck market either…


Milliken’s Pro Mod Is On The March Toward 3’s

Ryan Milliken went racing at No Mercy again, and this time his Glacier Blue Nova gave him a new personal best: 4.28 at 174 mph. Now the blue car is officially faster than the old green car. But there’s much more to the story than that. He and his Cummins-powered classic qualified 13th in a tough, 28-car field in X275. That pass was also a record-setter for a diesel-propelled X275 car. Despite going out in the first round of eliminations, Milliken has already moved on to the next event. Catch him and the beautiful blue Nova at Orlando Speed World Dragway the weekend of November 10-13 for the World Street Nationals.

Source: https://hardwayperformance.com/


Cummins-Powered Cuda

Speaking of Cummins-powered muscle cars… how about a 12-valve dropped into a Cuda for a little all-in-the-family type of Mopar fun? This one came to us via Trust the Rust Rat Rod fanpage on Facebook. You may notice the engine is void of an upper radiator hose, intercooler piping, and air intake here. Unfortunately, this concoction is rumored to have never been completed. We’ve learned that the owner lives in Florida, but that’s about it. If the builder is you (or you happen to be the current owner of the car), feel free to drop us a line!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100067669596154


Classic Conversion Tow-Rig

In an age where Cummins swaps are beginning to seem more than a bit commonplace, in comes a ’65 Dodge Sweptline packing a 6.7L Cummins. Inside the cab? Full late-model Ram Laramie interior. A late-model chassis and running gear is present, too, but no “body swap” talk belongs in the conversation. The Sweptline is as one-off and custom as it gets. With the perfect mix of old and new, it’s the kind of jaw-dropper that can break the Internet. Check out the power running boards tucked in under the cab, but don’t overlook the original hub caps…

Source: https://www.facebook.com/TowRigs


Overloading At Its Finest

We’re not sure if the owner of this old GM workhorse wanted to make his truck famous online or not—but that’s kind of what happened. You may have heard of overloading a truck, but what about securing that load in the sketchiest manner possible? Holy tongue weight! All backwoods references calling attention to the securement of the load aside, this truck would be overloaded with half of this cargo behind it according to its factory GCWR. Whether or not it was powered by the old 6.5L IDI or a 454 remains unclear—but what is clear is that the hood is up.



Parts Rack

Replacement DPF’s

When the inevitable diesel particulate filter (DPF) replacement is upon you and your truck, Scheid Diesel has direct replacement DPF’s available and ready to order on its website. Scheid carries a full line of DuraFit brand DPF’s and diesel oxidation catalysts known for their ease of install and exceptional service life. Over on Scheiddiesel.com, replacement units for the LMM Duramax, ’07.5-’13 6.7L Cummins, and ’08-’10 6.4L Power Stroke can all be found. On top of that, Scheid offers DPF inspection, testing, and cleaning services using its state-of-the-art emissions equipment.

Source: https://www.scheiddiesel.com/

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