Team Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD takes the top spot
Team Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD takes the top spot

UCC’23: lots of excitement, drama, and the expected carnage

Three days of competition, three days of beating every ounce of horsepower out of these amazing machines, and three days of punishment for every competitor to find out who takes the 2023 UCC crown. This competition is aptly named Ultimate with good reason; lots of excitement, drama, and the expected carnage. For those teams and their machines that can endure, make headlines, and gain the respect of an entire diesel community.

In the end, Team Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD takes the top spot. The team pulled off the win with some absolutely extraordinary challenges including a brush with the wall, and a blown engine. Their commitment to the ultimate diesel challenge included two full nights of work to rip this win from the jaws of defeat.

Tony shares his excitement and gratitude for the win in a statement on their social media; “How do you put what I’m feeling into words? How do you describe what happened this weekend? It still hasn’t fully sunk in. What I do know is that I’m grateful. I’m grateful to have my boys by my side, I’m grateful to have the woman I love always backing me up pushing me to never quit and do the things I love, I’m grateful to have the world’s greatest team that’s willing to not sleep for 48 hours for DHD, I’m grateful to have been given the past 40+ years of wrenching be in this spot.”

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2023 Overall Results *

1. Tony Burkhard [2]

Drag Race

5.312 SEC

846 PTS


2379.1 HP

793.033 PTS

Sled Pull

308.3 FT

1045.085 PTS

2. Josh McCormack [6]

Drag Race

5.837 SEC

671 PTS


2879.5 HP

959.833 PTS

Sled Pull

304.18 FT

1031.119 PTS

3. Hunter Coffey [8]

Drag Race

5.111 SEC

913 PTS


2436 HP

812 PTS

Sled Pull

273.88 FT

928.407 PTS

Competitors just outside the top spots were:

4. Greg Alberalla [11]

5. Chris Patterson [5]

6. Daniel Hargrove [20]

7. Brian Shew [17]

8. Robby Garcia [15]

9. Logan Epling [19]

10. Charlie Fish [14]

The Diesel World Team congratulates all the participants in this year’s UCC23 competition.

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