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Deck-Plate Dmax to run at UCC

Will the Duramax Horsepower Record be Broken in May?

With Ultimate Callout Challenge less than two months away, it’s crunch time for various competitors and shops throughout the country. For No Zone Diesel’s Dmitri Millard, his deck-plated Duramax is moving along nicely. Thanks to Wagler hard parts, Exergy 12mm CP3’s and 500-percent over injectors, and a massive compound turbo arrangement that’s yet to be announced, this is one build that won’t disappoint. Millard will rely on his extensive experience building Allison transmissions in order to send more than 2,000 hp through the one he plans to use. With a 2,300hp dyno pull already under his belt, look for Millard’s wild Duramax creation to come out swinging at UCC.




Strictly Automatic Ram

Is Ram’s Manual Transmission Dead?

It may not be extinct yet, but according to data collected from Cars.com and research conducted by Performance Truck Products, it’s definitely in its death throes. Of an available 13,366 2018 Ram 2500 models packing Cummins under the hood, just 281 are backed by the G56 manual. And as for 3500 models, a mere 155 trucks are graced with a bolt action transmission. So what does this information mean? Are consumers buying automatics because they’d rather have the higher power rating that comes with them, or is this a sign that today’s automatics are better equipped to handle the tasks we ask of them? If you recall, Ram has been the sole manufacturer offering a manual transmission option in the heavy-duty truck segment since 2011. However, it may soon come to an end.




Forged or Cast?

How and Why

Ever wonder why forged-steel pistons are better than cast versions? Diamond Pistons is more than happy to explain it. First and foremost, forged-steel is more adept at handling the severity of the combustion environment it’s asked to live in. As for durability, it also has the edge thanks to improved ring land wear characteristics and better piston cooling (along with large internal cooling galleys to help stabilize piston temperature). In addition, because the coefficient of thermal expansion in steel pistons is equivalent to that of cast iron engine blocks, maintaining consistent component clearances is much easier. The downside of steel pistons boils down to weight and cost —each of which can be negated by removing material where high-strength isn’t needed, and realizing that a superior component is worth spending a few extra bucks on.



Sled Pulling in Pennsylvania

Pointin’ It Toward the Sand Pile

A handful of east coast sled pullers found themselves inside the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex over the weekend, competing at the 2018 Keystone Nationals Indoor Truck and Tractor Pull. The annual nonprofit event donates all of its proceeds to area Future Farmers of America school chapters, as well as the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Project. Chris Mast would take home the win in the 8,000-pound Diesel 4×4 Class with his freshly-finished, Cummins-powered second-gen, coined Skeeter Control. We know, it’s one of the best names we’ve ever seen given to a puller, too.




Diesels in the Desert

NHRDA in Arizona last weekend

The NHRDA kicked off its racing season over the weekend in Chandler, Arizona via its annual Desert Diesel Nationals. Festivities included drag racing, a truck pull, onsite chassis dyno, show ‘n shine and burnout contest, all within the confines of Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. The event would also mark the first time its Super Street and Pro Street classes were run in their new format, with eighth-mile finish lines. But even though drivers in these categories had a shorter track to compete on, it didn’t stop them from impressing spectators. Super Street winner, Phillip Franklin, would hightail it through the ‘660 in 5.87 seconds, setting a new NHRDA record. And then, Jared Deletka would pilot Industrial Injection’s triple-turbo Cummins Chevrolet Silverado to a 5.46 at 140 mph, ultimately taking the win in Pro Street.




More Indoor Dirt Slinging

Logan County Cattleman’s Indoor Shootout

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in style in southwestern Kentucky by way of the first annual Logan County Cattleman’s Indoor Shootout. Held in the Logan County Ag Arena in Russellville, Kentucky, the invite-only truck and tractor pull presented seven classes worth of action on Saturday evening, including a 2.6 Diesel Truck category. Although it would suffer a bit of damage at the end of its run, Damon Trueblood’s hard-charging Duramax-powered Silverado would take home a strong Fifth Place finish at the inaugural affair.



Parts Rack

Ultimate Boost Containment

Race Part Solutions’ Wiggins-style Dual Seal Connectors

No longer do you have to decide between a rigid, V-band clamp or a flexible silicone boot to contain the extreme boost your setup is making. Race Part Solutions’ Wiggins-style Dual Seal Connectors combine the best features of V-bands and hoses, thanks to each weld flange incorporating an O-ring that seals against the inside of an aluminum sleeve, and all three parts being held in place by a black-anodized locking clamp. In addition, the center sleeve allows each flange to move independently while maintaining a tight seal. The high-quality, American-made dual seal connectors are available from 2.5-inch to 5-inch diameters.


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